New Bat information

Taunton East Little League
Will Participate in the new Bat Purchasing program and has decided to open this to families in the League. If anyone would like to participate on this program please comment below what you would like to purchase. Payment will be due by 12/31/2018. This offer is not available to the public only Leagues.

Dear District Administrators and League Presidents:

The USABat Standard, developed by USA Baseball, will be in effect beginning on January 1, 2018. To ease a local league or district's financial strain during this transition as baseball bats are replaced, Little League® International has collaborated with Easton, the official team equipment supplier of Little League, to make USABat Standard bats available for leagues to bulk-purchase at a discounted rate through Easton.
The bulk-purchase of USABat Standard bats is available through Easton and are only available to leagues directly. Please visit for more information on the USA Bats and the available product offerings.

We will also set up a day with Easton reps for parents and Player to tryout and purchase new bats that are not listed in the program above at a discounted rate

Please ask questions below