Board of Directors 2018-19

President: Demian Lopez                                                                       

Vice President: Jacqueline Perez

Secretary: Nidia Ramirez

Treasurer: Jacqueline Perez

Player Agent: Luis Martinez & Sergio Santellan

Safety Officer: Luis Martinez

Field Maintenance: Sergio Martinez

Team Parent Coordinator: Carina Baltazar

Information Officer: Nidia Ramirez

Snack Bar Coordinator: Ralph Morales

Equipment Manager: Danny Perez & Nick Quintana 

Special Events Coordinator: Jacqueline Perez

Fundraising Coordinator: Carina Baltazar

Protest Chair: Vacant

Official Scorer: Vacant

Coaching Coordinator: Sergio Santellan

Board Members at Large: Ramon Pelayo

***We're always looking for dedicated individuals to help in running our league!  If you're interested in, or have any questions about, joining our board please talk to any of the individuals listed above.  The more help we have from volunteers to run our league, the more smooth the season runs.