How Good Do you Want to Be?

This is a question that only you can answer, its not how good you are now, or tomorrow....I am talking about a few years down the road. Do you really love the game? Do you really want to be the best player you can possibly be? It has to come from inside you, no coach, no parent , no friend can ever make you work the way you will need to work to unlock your full potential. It will not happen overnight, or even in a season. You need to make a conscious effort to enjoy practice and enjoy the repetition and the skill development, knowing that it is getting you closer to the player you want to be.

You need to make the effort to work on your own, not just when you get dropped off for practice. If you are 12, make a commitment to do 20 push ups and plank for 1 minute before you leave your room in the morning and before you lay in bed at night. If you are in Junior High , work on being more balanced and athletic , if you are in HS start picking up heavy things in a gym, and read a book on the mental side of baseball.

Ask Coach Frank for some extra work that can be done outside of practice....

No one gets to where they want to be by chance, it takes hard work.