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Yo Diamonds!

We just wanted to run down a few things regarding our upcoming season. As you know we had tryouts for our team and the players were selected by a number of different qualities they possess. It wasn’t just an athletic talent decision. They were also selected for a specific positional need for the team. We as coaches tried to put a diverse team on the field in regards to being able to plug players in many positions but sometimes this is difficult to do. Below you will find some information and expectations for our team.


  • Versatility- Each player will have a primary position and a secondary position. Some players might have more depending on their knowledge and skill but for right now let’s stick with 2. Some players may be asked to change their normal positions during the course of the season. So in the beginning of spring practices, while we’re outside, we will do our best to train them in different positions to strengthen our team even more.


  • Tournaments- We are also working on the number of tournaments we will be playing in. We might be playing into July with some of these tournaments.


  • School Teams- Our coaching staff is in constant communication with the  School coaches. We are all in tuned with what the players need to learn and how to teach them. We believe that continuity in teaching technique is a vital part of the player succeeding on the field.


  • Issues- If you have any questions, comments or concerns at any time during our season, please bring them to me ( Coach Tom) and I will discuss them with the coaching staff to try and resolve them quickly.


  • Commitment- This team has been built for the purpose of being instructional, aggressive, and most importantly, competitive. In order to have all 3 of these things come together we will need a total commitment from each player. We expect all players to give it their all at practices and games. All players must be responsible to prepare for each practice and game by showing up early, stretching, running a lap or two and warming up. We expect the players to treat each other with respect and show support as a team. The coaching staff understands that most, if not all these players, will be on a school team and that they will be practicing everyday but in order for them to get better they will need to go that extra mile. That extra mile will be our practices and games! If any parent or player has doubts about the commitment this team is asking for, please contact me as soon as you can, otherwise, let’s have a blast this year!


  • Coaching Staff- Our coaching staff is all in when it comes to dedication and commitment to the Diamonds. We believe in teaching the fundamentals of the game, structured practices, and overall hitting and fielding technique. We all have specialty areas of the team that we focus on but we also discuss the team as a whole before making important decisions or changes. We do have a rule about coaching from the sidelines; we would appreciate that all instruction come from the bench. If you see something during a game, bring it to us after the game and we will try to make an adjustment if need be. We don’t want players distracted or confused in critical times during a game. We do expect you to cheer the team on with a very loud voice!



      We would like to thank you all for being a part of this team and look forward to a fun and safe season!