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3 Village Basketball


Basic RULES   Game time is 8 quarters of 5 minutes each.  There will be a three minute half time in between 4th  and 5th quarter. 


Playing time.  We did our best to put no more than 10 on a team.   If you have 11 and they all show up for a game the coaches will do there best but everyone must play at least 3 of 8 quarters in those games.

When it is 10 players or less.

The clock will stop approximately every 5 minutes for substitutions.   No player may play more than 75% of the game (6 quarters) and no play shall play less that 50% of the game (4 quarters).   No player may play more than 4 quarters in a row.     In the event a team has 6 or less show up, the strongest player (in grades 6th and higher where we keep score) must sit out at least one quarter.   The OPPOSING coach decides who is that best player at the begining of the game.  


4th and 5th grade are instructional.   There is no score keeper.   Players may not reach in and steal the ball.   They can only steal on a passed ball.   Man to man defense only and no playing defense in the back court.  Please make sure everyone is handling and shooting the ball.  Fouls will be very lax here as they are learning the game.  No free throws on fouls as it takes them too long to setup.   the goal is for everyone to have fun.



No 3 point shots.   No pressing until final 2 minutes of each half.  


7th and 8th

No 3 point shots.   No pressing until final two minutes of the half.


9 and 10th.

3 point shots allowed.   All defenses allowed. 





3 Village basketball Board of directors

President  John Case   NYJC65@aol.com

Vice President   Frank Parente Jr.

Treasurer Ali Ramilu

Secretary   Steve Hudzik

Referees    Keith Benz

Scorekeepers   Perry Cassidy

Uniforms John Fitzgerald

Schedules   John Sheppard

4th Grade     Jeff Mischler

5th Grade      Brian Bloome         

6th Grade  Steve Hudik

7th and 8th Grade grade  Mike Sudaley

9-10th grade  Open    Ali Ramilu

Girls 4-6th Frank Parente Jr. 



Today's Practices or Games
Tuesday, January 21, 2020
4th Grade Division
@ Grizzlies
@ Jazz
6:00pm - 7:00pm
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