6FT and Under League Rules

September 10, 2017 â€“ 09:15 AM


Da Roger Burke 6 Ft and Under League Rules


-Two 20 Minute Halves Running Clock


-Clock Stops last minute of 1st half and last 2 minutes of 2nd half.


-4 Timeouts per game


-A player may receive 6 fouls before

fouling out


-No 1 and 1 at 7 fouls. Players will shoot 2 shots at 10 fouls. 


-All players must have the same jersey on with a number on the front and back otherwise a 2 shot technical will be assessed per player for equipment violation. Must have jersey by week 2. 


-All rosters will be finalized before week 3.


-A player must play 4 games in order to be eligible for playoffs.


-There will be a $25.00 protest fee for anyone contesting the height of a

player on another team (exception for players Grandfathered in)


-Any late team will forfeit the game after a 5 min grace period. A team can start play with 4 people. 


- No player taller than 6’2 with shoes on will be allowed to play. All players in question will be measured before league starts. 


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