June 13, 2019


I am glad to invite you to the 15th season of the Hampton Roads 7 Cities Pro Am. I’m very thankful for all of you who supported the program during the last 14 seasons. This year’s games will offer a great deal of excitement for it will feature a NBA style game format and promises to be a quality game season. The 7 Cities area has produced numerous passionate athletes who continue to show their basketball talent on the college as well as professional levels. We are happy to invite many of them back during the 2019 summer season. 

The vision of the HR 7 Cities Pro Am is to offer a quality basketball league to the region bringing top high school seniors interested in honing their skills and college athletes working to strengthen their abilities, together with professional athletes who are willing to mix their talents of both game and mentoring support. 

Our mission is to serve the community through the power of team spirit as we bring organized, week-end basketball and good game to Hampton Roads. The overall goal for 7 Cities Pro Am is to stand as a symbol of community support and outreach, while offering quality services through a summer basketball league, to the regional community. This Pro-Am league is a recreational event which brings together players, coaches, officials, sponsors, partners and family and friends. With all of us working together, we can make Hampton Roads a great place for a high-caliber summer basketball league. 

Thank you, 

James L. Flood, Jr. CEO/League Operator