Lancaster Post 11 defeated Van Wert Post 178 in the First Round of the State American Legion Tournament 5-4 in 11 Innings.

New Region (5) & (6 )Commissioner Appointed

Phillip Lightfoot, formerly the head coach of Logan Post 78 and Assistant 8th District Chair has been appointed to the State American Legion Baseball Committe as the new Region (5) & (6) Commissioner./ 8th District BB Chairman.

Lightfoot, replaces Marvin Shamhart, who was named The Dept. of Ohio Baseball Chairman after Jack Hill retire from that position.

Districts under Region 6 are the 8th and 7th (Chillicothe Area) .

Lancaster Post 11 Wins 2018 District 8 Crown.

Lancaster Post 11 defeated Athens Post 21, 11-3 in the District 8 Tournament Championship Game on July 16 at Beavers Field in Lancaster.  Athens beat Jackson Post 81 Sunday 6-2 to advance to the semi-finals.  Lancaster defeated Athens on Sunday 14-4.  Athens came back on Monday to defeat Jackson again, 9-4 before losing to Lancaster in the Finals.

Lancaster Post 11 advances to the Ohio American Legion State Tournament to be held on July 25 thru 29 at Beavers Field in Lancaster.

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Steve Shamhart, Region 4 Commissioner



Steve Shamhart, Region (4) Commissioner


Phil Lightfoot, Region (5) & (6) Commissioner/8th District Chairman