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2020 Okaw Season Notes from 1/26/20 Meeting

It was decided that we play all kids by school grades instead of ages this year.
The ages for baseball and softball have all been changed to the following:
Incoming 2nd-3rd graders  (is the old 7-8 or coach pitch)
Incoming 4th-5th graders ( is the old 9-10 or kid pitch)
Incoming 6th, 7th and 8th graders will be listed as Jr high ( is the old 12u)
Incoming 9th graders to the age of 17( cannot turn 17 before may 1st to play in the league).
for baseball here are game nights
coach pitch- tue/thurs
kid pitch- mon/wed
jr high- tues/thurs
high school- mon/wed
for softball
coach pitch- mon/wed
kid pitch- tue/thurs
jr high- mon/wed
high school- tue/thurs
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