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for summer schedule. 

Howdy Wiffle Players, 

We hope you’ve been enjoying your summer so far but we also wanted to make sure you set aside a  Saturday this summer for Wiffleball tournaments!





First Fastpitch Tournament is on Saturday June 23rd.  Entry is FREE.   LESS THAN 2 weeks. We are limiting it to only 12 teams.


** There will be at least 1 or 2 teams coming down from the Dallas area to play


PRE-REGISTRATION IS Mandatory. TO REGISTER – Please call 512-401-5516 or online at www.cpsports.us




BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THIS CEDAR PARK FASTPITCH TOURNAMENT – The Winner of this tournament will get a FREE AUTOMATIC BID to the FASTPLASTIC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP to be held in Frisco, TX on Oct 6th.  Teams from all over the country will be at that tournament in October.  https://www.fastplasticnct.com/





MEDIUM PITCH is a division where the pitcher cannot through faster that 55 MPH. This is a very popular format national and seems to be a lot of fun.  This will be a good format for any type of team whether that are new or just wanting to play for fun.




FAST PITCH Is unlimited pitch speed.




No matter what your preference, you are allowed to play in both type of tournaments.  Play one or play them all.








June 9th  - Medium Pitch tournament –   ENTRY IS FREE but you must register.




June 23rd – FAST Pitch Tournament – ENTRY IS FREE but you must register.




July 21st  – Medium Pitch Tournament - Entry is $20 per team




July 28th – FAST Pitch Tournament- Entry is $20 per team




TO REGISTER – Please call 512-401-5516 or online at www.cpsports.us






*  If you would like to be placed on a team let me know and I can try to group you with someone else.




*  Complete Rules will be posted on www.cpsports.us  under the document section.






Email for more information.

Email us at tim.dean@cedarparktexas.gov

About Texas Wiffle®Ball

Wiffle®Ball is an alternate team sport to Baseball and Softball.
For those of you who have no idea what Wiffle®Ball is all about, basically it is played with teams numbering 2-5 players (A Pitcher, Two Outfielders and Two Designated Hitters). Scoring in the game is determined by where the ball is hit on a field where the outer boundary is 75-100 feet from home plate. There is no base running. A strike zone is used to determine the count.

Advantages to fielding a Wiffle®Ball team include -

1. Fun activity where anyone can play! You do not need to be a professional player to join in.

2. Costs are minimal. No specialized equipment is needed, just the traditional Wiffle®Ball gear(Or specialized bats and balls available from various sources that recognize the emerging market for these items). Softball teams need to be sponsored and equipped which will run well over $400 for a team. With Wiffle®Ball all you need is a bat and ball and play in a league or tournament for $20 - $50.

3. Team sizes are smaller so you do not need to get 9+ players to form a team. Along with the lower cost of getting a team together, small businesses and smaller community groups can get a team formed. Softball teams need a minimum of nine dedicated members to play. Wiffle®Ball can be played with a minimum of two players!

Hopefully reading this will get you excited and wanting to form a team in your area. If you are from Austin or anywhere in Texas we look forward to hearing from you and playing in our leagues and tournaemnts.

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