The rules of waffle within the AAWA are different compared to other leagues. The rules of the game within the AAWA are put in place so there are closer, and more entertaining games to watch. Here are the rules:


* 3 Strikes and you're out

* 3 At-Bats for each team in an inning

* An extra At-Bat is granted for every home run hit in the inning (has to be out of the park).

* If a team doesn't have enough players to fill up the bases, ghost runners will be put in place.

- These ghost runners can only score by hitting a home run or by advancing with the same amount of bases that the ghost runner is away from home.


For Example:

- Runner on 1st, a Triple scores him

- Runner on 2nd, a Double scores him

- Runner on 3rd, a Single scores him.


* When a batter gets 4 balls (what is normally a walk), they will receive "lob pitches", which are slow pitches put right down the middle.


* 4 innings of regulation


The purpose of this play style, is to:


- make games move faster

- keep games low scoring

- make games harder

- build an intense atmosphere.

Hello everyone, I hope all of you are excited for the 5th season of the Ann Arbor Wife Association. This year, there will be 5 teams in the league. These 5 teams will be the River Rats, Cardinals, Tigers, Wolverines, and the Athletics


This season will be jam packed with action, as this will be another season of nail-biting wiffle!


The 2019 AAWA Draft will take place on Monday, June 10th, 2019, at 9PM EST. The draft will be two rounds long. Stay tuned for what is to happen! Below is the draft order:


1st Round:


1. Tigers

2. Athletics

3. Wolverines

4. River Rats

5. Cardinals


2nd Round:


(6) 1. Athletics (via Cardinals)

(7) 2. Athletics (via River Rats)

(8) 3. Wolverines

(9) 4.  Athletics

(10) 5. Tigers


Below is the 2019 AAWA Draft Pool:


James Dabrowski

Michael Suter

Ben Formicola

Jimmy Morgeson

Joe Kussurelis

Brady Cunningham

Armand Gago

Jonah Scienfield

Bennett Ayers

Devin Minery