We are back everyone!


     Hello everyone, we are proud to say we are back and better, with a different style of waffle of the world to watch. This year, there will be 6 teams. Each team will consist of 1-2 players, and there will be 2 divisions, the East, and the Central. There will be 10 regular season games, and a post season that will range from 1-7 games long for each team, based on their performance. The 6 teams this year will be the River Rats, Cardinals, Tigers, Wolverines, Mavericks, and the Athletics.


     The rules for this year are simple:

* 3 strikes and you're out

* 3 AB in an inning

* An Extra at bat is granted in that inning, if a HR is hit

* A base hit puts a ghost runner on

* The ghost runner can only score by a homer or the number of bases it is away from scoring.

     Ex: runner on 1st, triple scores him

           runner on 2nd, double scores him

           runner on 3rd, single scores him

* 6 AB in an inning at the most

* Tie goes to the defensive team

* Walk gives you a lob pitch

* 4 inning regulation.

The AAWA 2017 Draft was a success! Here are the results,

1st Round

1st Pick: Cardinals

     Alex Cole


2nd Pick: Expos

     Kade Cupp


3rd Pick: Spiders

     Will Turnbull


4th Pick: Wolverines

     Matt Wyderko


5th Pick: Nationals

     Davis Malmer


2nd Round:


6th Pick: Nationals

     Lewis Perry


7th Pick: Nationals

     Ben Brown


8th Pick: Spiders

     Peter Sorini


9th Pick: Spiders

     James Dabrowski


10th Pick: Cardinals

     Bennett Ayers

     Congratulations to the Wolverines for winning the 2016 AAWA postseason! The Wolverines beat the Nationals in. 3 game series after beating them in game 1 15-2, and winning in extras in game 3 7-5. The wolverines won the World Series by default due to the spiders forfiet. The wolverines are now 2 time champions and they are looking to repeat.