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Slugger Baseball


We wanted to inform everybody that the coaches already had their first meeting, in hopes of getting as good of a jump as possible on next season. Our hope is to have the kids as ready as possible! These boys have a few more years of competitive youth baseball left, and we want to put them in as good of a position as we can to succeed and have fun! 



There are some things we’d like to do that cost above and beyond usual league fees and uniform costs, so as we’ve discussed, we’re going to do some fundraising. We decided the candy bar route probably wasn’t the best option at the moment, so we’re going to do a TJ’s Pizza first. These usually sell rather easy and require no money up front. This is all new to our group, and we hope you all can help us get through it smoothly. If everyone can just sell a few orders each it should give us a small amount to get things going early. We know everyone has other things going on now and baseball season just ended. We just want to be able to do what needs to be done before we all come back together for another great year. Thanks everybody. We’ll let you know about the order forms as soon as possible