• Generals escape late game victory!
  • Turnovers the difference is Pumas victory
  • Bobcats defeat Dragons behind good backcourt play!
  • Mercury Jones goes off with 19 points!
  • Henderson goes off with 24 points!
April 23, 2018

New ABL Recap Show Video Up!

The ABL Recap show is a show recap the past games of the ABL season. In this week's episode we saw some division battles including the Arhcers and the Generals, and the Dragons vs the Firefrogs! Of course there is much much more. Click the link below to watch this amazing video!


New League created by SEP!

April 15, 2018

What happens after the NBA Playoffs and March Madness? Where are the games to watch? No where. Sure, you have the summer league but nothing compares to the real game. That's why SEP is creating the American Basketball League (ABL). To give basketball fans something else to cheer about! Games start soon! Stay tuned.