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Academy Baseball

July 12, 2018

Hello Everyone. We are Academy Baseball. We are always looking for new players to work with and develop in order to play competitive baseball. If you are looking for lessons, tryouts or just a place to practice contact our manager Chris at: academybaseball365@gmail.com

We try and be prompt in our responses. If a call or text is easier please contact us at (951) 514-6096.

We have a great team of coaches who have worked with our current and upcoming players to be the best players they can be. Of our 8 coaches on staff, 6 have been fortunate enough to play in the minor league systems. We pride ourselves on giving players what they need to play at the next level and that is how our organization has thrived in the game of baseball.


We have our upcoming tournaments listed as well as the clinics we will have coming soon.  


Please stay connected with all the things we have coming soon