Atlantic Canada Elite Basketball Club (A.C.E)

Who We Are:

         A.C.E is a non-profit organization dedicated to the personal growth and skill development of athletes through self-esteem, commitment, hard work and dedication. We emphasize education and social interaction. We provide a fun and educational experience with tons of basketball. This is not just a basketball program dedicated to winning games, we support and encourage the growth of our players on and off the court. 

What We Do:

          We provide all young athletes with an interest of taking their game to the next level, whether the want to play or coach, through new experiences with our travel team. Our goal is to help develop personal growth and skill within each athlete while emphasizing education. We help each player develop their skills that best suit their play style, help the athletes understand what it takes to reach the next level and make them understand the real meaning of hard work and good work ethic while making the best and most enjoyable experience for the young athletes.

Our Goals:

Goal One:

          To bring together young athletes from all over Atlantic Canada to play together while building new friendships and growing as individuals and teammates.

Goal Two:

          To provide our athletes with the experiences and challenges of competing locally, nationally and internationally.

Goal Three:

          To put emphasis on the importance of hard work, team work, fundamentals, and education while providing an unforgettable experience for our athletes.