For those who want to relive their glory days, or try and prove that they still “got it”, and have a great time doing it, Sonny’s Adult Co-Ed Softball League is just the place to do it. Comprised of 5 co-ed teams, the SACSL is an opportunity for those in the Palisades Park / Leonia Little League®community to come together and practice what they teach to their children and athletes.

Sonny has created all of that and more. The league started last year with 3 teams a few games and some fun. In one short year it has doubled in size with 5 teams, 6 games per week, regular pot luck BBQs, family fun and long lasting friendships being built.

Whether you are an AVERAGE JOE just looking for a little exercise?  Or, maybe your just a LUNATIC always looking to hit the JAEGER BOMBERS on and off the field.....Either way, come and join us at Sonny's Softball League in scenic Palisades Park, New Jersey, just next to the Overpeck Creek.  This year we have HIT SQUAD who saw their their counterpart and said PITCHES BE CRAZY! 

The managers are little leaugue players and coaches. Our league is competitive but we do have a few first time players that have WOWed some of us. 

Some have experience playing and some do not but that does not discourage everyone from having a great time. With the many different levels within the Little League from tee-ball to the majors, many parents and coaches do not have the opportunity to interact and get to know one another.

The SACSL allows everyone associated with the league to bond and become familiar with each other. The games are competitive, the nights are enjoyable, and it is truly a community gathering that families and friends look forward too!



2019 SACSL Rules


®     9 players on the field maximum.

®     8 players, including a woman required to start (if there is a woman on the team).

®     Modified arc pitching rules – arc must be between 6’ and 12’.

®     Limit 3 over the fence homeruns per game.

®     All fair untouched flyballs Over-The-Fence in excess of the limit will be ruled an out.

®     There will be 3 OF, 4 IF, P and C on the field.

®     Everyone on the team will bat.

®     Unlimited substitution.

®     7 Innings of play.

®     2 intentional walks per game.

®     2 foul balls after the 2nd strike will be ruled an out.

®     Mercy rule will apply at the end of 4 innings if one team is up by 10 runs or more.


®     All games are 7 innings or about 75 minutes.  No new inning may start 15 minutes before the time limit.  The umpire will enforce this rule and will make the call at the top of the final inning.  Note : We want to play as much softball as possible.  Decisions on time of play will ultimately come down to the umpires decision.  Please respect your umpire’s call in the matter.  He/She must keep all games on time in fairness to teams playing later games.

Rainout / Time Expiration During a game / Inning

®     If a postponement occurs wihile a game is in progress, 4 innings must be completed for the game to count.  (If the home team is ahead after the completion of the top of the 4th inning, this constitutes a complete game).  If a rainout occurs before a game is considered a complete game, the game will be replayed in its entirety. 

®     If an inning is not completed due to any unforeseen circumstances, the score will revert back to the last completed inning.  If the game did not reach 4 innings or the time limit, the game may be continued or rescheduled.

Mercy Rule

®     10 run rule after 4 innings. 

Tie Rule

®     During the regular season, games can end in a tie.

Rainout Make Up Dates

®     Rainouts will be made up during the season and at the end of the season.  You may be scheduled to play a doubleheader depending on the number of rainouts.


®     Team will consist of minimum of 10 players and maximum of 15 players.  Players will be added as they register.  Officially, if your team is short-handed during the season, you may pick up another player(s) not on your roster for the game.  During the playoffs, only players on your roster are allowed to play.

Picking Up Players

®     If a team has less than the minimum required number of players, they can pick up players from the other teams to reach the minimum requirement during the regular season.  Teams must have at least 6 players from their team to be allowed.  If it is not possible, the game will be ruled a forfeit.  Both the umpire and opposing team manager must be made aware of any picked up players.

Number of Players on the Field

®     Maximum number of players in the field is 9.  There is no position requirements of any players.  Teams can’t have more than 6 players in the infield, including the catcher and pitcher.  Minimum number of players in the field / starting lineup is 8.  A player arriving late may be inserted at the bottom of the order even if you have batted around one or more times.


Number of Players in the Batting order / Line up

®     In order to encourage maximum participation, teams must bat every player present. 

Pitch Arc

®     The arc on pitches must be between 6 feet and 12 feet above the ground.  The umpire will call a ball not within the prescribed limits an ‘illegal pitch’ as soon as possible.  If the batter swings, the pitch shall be treated as though it was thrown with the legal limits.  The umpire’s call on a pitch is absolutely final!

Foul Balls

®     There is a limit on the number of foul balls a batter may hit.  2 foul balls hit after the 2nd strike will be considered an out.

Intentional Walk

®     Teams are allowed 2 intentional walks per game.

Courtesy Runners

®     Injured players may receive a courtesy runner once they reach first base.  The courtesy runner must be the last player to make an out in the game. 

Leading / Stealing

®     There is no leading or stealing allowed.  A player may leave the base once the ball makes contact with the bat.

Infield Fly Rule

®     An infield fly can only occur with less than 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  If a high fly ball is hit in the infield and can easily lead to a double play, an infield fly will be called.  The batter is automatically out.  Tagging up still applies if the ball is caught.  The infield fly rule only applies to balls hit in fair territory.

Home Run Limit

®     There will be 3 over the fence homeruns allowed per game.  Any homeruns beyond the limit will result in an out and all runners will return to their respective bases.  Inside the park homeruns are not counted towards the limit.  Balls that bounce off the top of the fence or a fielder’s glove and go over the fence ARE counted towards the limit.  If, in the umpire’s judgement, it is deemed that an outfielder intentionally swatted a ball over the fence to record an out, that play will be treated as a ground rule double.


Safety / Interference / Base Running

®     All players must avoid collisions.   When a runner interferes with a fielder attempting to field a ball or interferes with a throw, the runner is out.  If there is a play at the plate, it is the runner’s responsibility to avoid contact.  The umpire has discretion to decide whether the runner initiated contact and should be called out.  Any excessive contact or collision will result in an out.  This includes contact with the catcher.  Sliding is allowed by not required.  It is also the catchers responsibility to give the runner a clear path to home plate.  Collisions and injuries are to be avoided if at all possible.


®     SACSL is a social sports community for all ages.  My goal is for you to have fun.  I hope that you keep this in mind when participating.  Although the games may become intense, you still can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship.

Tie Breakers for Playoffs / Seedings

®     Number of Wins.

®     Head to Head competition.

®     Record against other teams.

®     Runs Scored.

Dino's Wild Card Game Homerun

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