If you have a softball team that needs a place to call home contact our president Wesley Jacobs.  Looking for quality coaches.

Fall games are on

November 14, 2018

Winter is here and the season has ended.  




Who We Are?

January 1, 2017

AGFA is a non-profit charitable organization organized under the IRS laws encompassing 501 © (3) entities and is committed to providing opportunities for young athletes to engage in quality, competitive recreational experiences. AGFA currently consists of teams of ages from 10 to 18. The teams comprising AGFA are off:

Impact Gold Austin and Austin Stars. 

AGFA is dedicated to the idea that any athlete regardless of race, creed, religious affiliation or socio-economic status should be given the opportunity. A competitive recreational athletic experience can instill good work ethic, enhance social development, contribute to the mental & physical health and teach values of personal responsibility, self-discipline, self-motivation, and teamwork. Participation in fast pitch softball also improves the athlete’s opportunity to realize goals of :

1. Improving individual skills and ability to play and contribute as a member of a team.

2. Earning &/or keeping a position on the team.

3. Earning a college scholarship.

Each of the above goals involves individual player growth. This includes improvement in skill level and in the mental outlook necessary to be a successful member of a select team.

2018 AGFA Board Members

President - Wesley Jacobs

Vice President - Mario Garcia

Assitant Vice President Open

Treasurer - Jose Guerrero

Secretary -  Rollie Hernandez

Butler Fields