• "Hard work beats Talent when Talent doesn't work Hard".
  • "If I Out Train, I Will Out Play You"
  • "Top Athletes got to the top by training every chance they got"
  • "There Is No Substitute For Hard Work"
  • You can either want to be a GOOD basketball player or GREAT basketball player. YOU CAN NOT BE BOTH.

 AG Sports and Training

Training Schedule Apr



Dates: TBD Based on AAU Schedule. Check back daily for updates.


Location: Strong Tower Church (Gym)

234 Ferry Road

Fredericksburg, VA



$25 (Fredericksburg Premier players)

$30 (Non-Fredericksburg Premier players)

Schedule subject to change. Check Daily

Premier Players are players who played for the Fredericksburg Premier organization during 2017 AAU season.
Hope to see you all there. 


Wichita State University Basketball

Freshmen Rashard Kelly


Freshmen Basketball Player Rashard Kelly was the Guest Speaker for the Fredericksburg Heat's 2014 Annual Basketball Banquet. Rashard came in and enlighten our youth on the hard work and dedication it takes to make it to the college level. Rashard shared with them how he had to get up at 4:00 am to start his daily commute to school and that he sometimes wouldn't get back home some nights after practice until 11:00pm and had to get up at 4:00 the next morning and do it all over again. Rashard said he did it because he knew he wanted to be a college basketball player and that he was not going let that obstacle interfere with his dream. Rashard is from Fredericksburg, Va and will be attending Wichita State University in the fall on a D1 Basketball scholarship. He told the kids to stay in the gym as much as possible and to keep their grades up at all times. Without grades it doens't matter how good you can shoot or how high you can jump, no college is going to offer you a scholarship. Most importantly he told them to keep God 1st in their life. He says he owes all his success to God and his parents. Heat Nation would like to thank Mr. Rashard Kelly for his words and his time and we wish him the best on the college court this year.



Princeton Guard Kenya Holland visits AG Sports & Training

Princeton University Freshman Kenya Holland stopped by AG Sports & Training to work on her summer basketball training program. Prior to her workout Kenya was nice enough to speak with the Fredericksburg Heat 6th & 7th Grade Girls Basketball Teams. Kenya spoke to them about the importance of staying in the gym and practicing whenever they got a chance. Kenya also stressed to the ladies that education is more important than anything they do. She said right now basketball may just be fun, but when they get to High School it is time to get serious if earning a basketball scholarship is what the are interesting in doing. After their talk, Kenya hung around and worked out with Coach Gee on her summer training program. Thanks Ms Kenya Holland for stopping by and good luck at Princeton University.



Pat The Roc visits Fredericksburg, VA.

AG Sports and Training would like to thank all the players that attended the Pat The Roc Ballhandling Clinic on Saturday Feb 22, 2014. It was an unbelievable day of fun and basketball. Pat went through drills that he use with his clients from all levels of basketball: K-12, NCAA, WNCAA, WNBA and NBA. The kids got a chance to work on all aspects of their ballhandling skills which in turn will better their all around game. The feedback that I have been getting from the kids who attended is that it was one of the best clinics they have ever been to and they really look forward to the next clinic. AG Sports and Training will do their best to continue to bring top quality trainers to our area to help our athletes be the best athletes they can be. Thanks again from AG Sports and Training.

Special Thank You to Patrick "PAT THE ROC" Robinson for putting on such a tremendous clinic. Patrick you are truly amazing at what you do and the kids will remember this experience for the rest of their life. Thanks for making time for us in your extremely busy schedule. For years PAT THE ROC has training some of the most exciting basketball players across the country; from NBA stars to high school phenoms. Pat has worked with players from Maryland, Duke, Indiana, Notre Dame, The Sacramento Kings, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers.Thanks for coming to Fredericksburg to work with us and we look forward to working with you again real soon.


Daily Skills and Development Training going on now.


Skills Training slots are filling up fast so hurry and reserve your training slot. Many athletes are gearing up for the upcoming season and Skills Training is in high demand. Including Skills Training in to your daily workout will definitely take your game and athleticism to the next level. Click on the link below to register for Skills Training. A trainer will be assigned to you to help you build a program that will maximum your training time.

Shooting Ball Machine Training

Does Your Shot Need Fine Tuned? If so, you need to sign up for Shooting Training. The Gun 8000 Shooting Ball Machine is designed to allow a shooter the opportunity to put up a various amount of shots all in one training session. The trainer is there to help you identify and correct any shooting errors you may have. The drills used in our training sessions will help create muscle memory needed to form a more effective shot. Click on the link below to register for Shooting Ball Machine Training. A trainer will be assigned to you to help you build a program that will maximum your training time.

Vertimax Training

Vertimax Training slots are filling up fast so hurry and reserve your training time. Vertimax training helps to increase the speed, quickness and agility of an athlete. Athletes at all levels are doing this type of training to help place them above the ordinary athlete. Many athletes are gearing up for the upcoming season and the Vertimax is in high demand. Including the Vertimax in to your daily workout will definately take your game and athletism to the next level. Click on the link below to register for Vertimax Training. A trainer will be assigned to you to help you build a program that will maximum your training time. 


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Sanctioned AAU Event

Strong Tower Church

234 Ferry Road

Fredericksburg, VA 22405



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