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Airborne Varsity boys- 49 VS Norris- 31

February 11, 2016

Airborne Jr Varsity- 40 VS P.Y.O- 32

February 10, 2016

Airborne plays 4 games in one day

Talk about toughness well this was it with airborne playing not one but four pre-season games in one day this was crazy with them beating the wolf pack the first game 54-0 with new comer latori Felder coming out with 35 points also the second game ending in a airborne win beating Christy 45-5.

Airborne one 31 VS F.O.E. 32 middle school boys

February 9, 2016

Airborne one middle school boys

Jamaal 2pts

Kavon 14pts 2rebs 4asst.

Nasir 5pts

Pop 0pts

T.O. 4pts

Latorie 2pts 1Reb

Deniem 2pts

Shaw 0pts 3asst.

Rasool 2pts 1asst.

Airborne takes thier first lost to F.O.E. middle school boys

Airborne takes thier first lost to F.O.E with a upset in the final seven seconds in the game but played a really good game with lead scorer kavon Lee coming out with 14pts and 2 rebounds and Jamaal Ford taking the most rebounds with 2pts and 3 rebounds.

Congratulations to the 2016 Airborne winter roster

January 24, 2016

Migets division

1. Khalif Hunter

2. Anthony Alston

3. Baseem Hinton-Whack

4. Jaiden Allen

5. Jamarr Williams

6. Shawn Kennerly


Elementary/Middle school division

1. Kavon Lee

2. Omar Towels

3. Jamaal Ford

4. Nasir Robinson

5. Tahjae Brooks

6. Nasiiem Rollerson

7. Latori Felder

8. Korey Harper Jr.

9. Zahmir Johnson


Jr Varsity division

1. Antonio Neal

2. Jaron Cuffee

3. Antonio Lambert

4. Quadir Thompson

5. Robert Rouse

6. Nydir Bond

7. Rafiq Jones

8. Makell Hill

9. Myquel Singleton

10. Johnta Dunson


Varsity division

1. Coy Tyler

2. Yaazid Jorden

3. Jahlil Player

4. Deshawn Hill

5. Ta'hir Woodson

6. Reggie Jackson

7. Christopher Neal

8. Kyle Kemp

9. Robert Mason

10. Devon Lewis



Airborne welcomes new team mates

Airborne would like to welcome new comers latari Felder and Korey Harper jr. CEO Christopher Fortson was quoted saying I'm so glad to have them apart of my organization and I hope to see more out of them this up coming season. I can tell you I can't wait to see them in action this will be the first two additions to the 12 & under since 2012.

Airborne names hires new coach and new presidents

Airborne one hires coach khlil Johnson as new head coach to the national champions 12U team also promotes him to vice president of the organization also promotes Kieth Daniels to head of transportation this organization now grows to 50 players 40 boys 10 girls and six staff members.

Airborne is back

Airborne is back thursday they opened up practice for the first time before the winter season and i am excited to see what they bring to the table this will be there first time competing in the liberty league with airbornes 2015 national championship squad (12U) going against some of the best teams in the city of Philadelphia also the 14U and 16U will face off in there division can airborne be the first team in liberty league history to win four divion championships in one season or will airborne crash land.

Airborne 1 set to compete in Liberty league in January

Airborne one will introduce its new addition to its organization there 10U team is all set to compet this winter

Airborne's 14U takes a beating

Airborne's14U takes a 45-25 lost to the bottom which knocks them down to 1-3 this is a really sad day for airborne one.

Airborne 1 14 & under gets forfit win over co-time

talking about disloyalty airborne 14 & under moves to 1-2 with a forfit win over co-time who had six over age players and on top of that the game was still played and airborne only came up short by four points good job 14 & under 

Airborne's 16U wins 55-35 against new beginnings

Airborne 16 & under gives out there first beating against new beginnings on Wednesday with Reggie jackson at 12pts and albert eddy with 10pts i hope airborne found there wings

Airborne takes the fall to hank gathers rec in championship

What a eventful day for airborne's 16 & under with and one point lost in the each one teach one championship to hank gathers rec this was by far one of the best city games i seen so far this summer two teams battling it out for the chip but with 0:00 seconds left on the clock and airborne on the line shoting three Airbone 1 player cory could not sink in a single shot but don't get it twisted because cory walked out with 11pts and 10rebs but that wasn't enough for the 44-43 lost which for the second year hank gathers takes home the gold.

Roster updates

Airborne 12 & under makes an amazing roster update with two weeks left for roster updates Airborne 12 & under adds two more players to their roster Jaylen Thomas from Elkins park, PA and returning player Christopher Robinson from Philadelphia, PA.

June 14th - June 20th weekly Recap

It's been a rough week for airborne one for the first time in airborne one history all three divions take a lost with a 12 & under upset (24-23) to last place the creek also with 14 & 16 and under getting blown away i talked to owner christopher fortson and he said " I'm very confident in my coaching staff and we are working out the issues and next week you should see the old airborne back on its feet" will airborne bounce back from an upsetting week or will we see airborne from west philadelphia show us that they are the best in the city

Airborne one to compete in the each one teach one championship

Airborne one will take center stage on tuesday 6/23/15 to take the title of the 2015 each one teach one 16U champions.

Airborne one's 16U season opner

come watch Airborne one's 16U take on their rivals mill creek Monday June, 15th 2015 at 8pm at mill creek playground as they start their run for the 2015 city championship with a newly signed coach doug Anthony will they live up to the hype or will they bring on a repeat from last year.

Airborne one's 12U season opener

Airborne one's 12U will kick-off their season Monday June, 15th 2015 at 7pm down mill creek playground against the bottom. Runners up last year airborne will try and take the crown of 2015 city champions lead by team captains Rasool dover, Tariq carter, Jamal ford and new Comer Kavon. Will airborne show up a better season from last year or will they forever be named runners up.