***  2018 Board Members  ***

PRESIDENT - Matt Petruzzi - Deer Lakes

VICE PRESIDENT - Paul Croney - Freeport

TREASURER - Jim Newcomer - Highlands

SECRETARY - Keith Brancato - Lower Burrell



           The ALLEGHENY YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE ( AYFL) was developed by a desire for organizations to join together in order to promote the development of young people through participation in organized football. The goal of the AYFL is to promote good sportsmanship, scholarship, teamwork, self-discipline, personal growth, commitment, and physical fitness within a safe environment. The focus will be on team development and achievement rather than individual performance. The adult administrators and coaches will endeavor to assist each individual player in reaching their own potential, with emphasis on team participation. In accordance with this concept, all AYFL organizations agree that only team statistics will be maintained, recorded, and publicized.