Amato's repeats as League Champions!

Congratulations to Volk Packaging, Community Builders & Jones and Warren girls on a well played season.

Amato's Majors

Batting average was .174 points higher then opponents
Outscored oponents by 49 runs
Had 56 more hits then oponents
5 more doubles
4 more triples
2 more home runs
33 more Runs Batted In
4 more walks
28 less strike outs
Got hit by a pitch 9 more times
Stole 65 more bases
Had 4 more sacrifice bunts
1 more double play
Had 73 more total bases
On Base Percentage was .173 point higher
Slugging percentage was .237 points higher
On Base & Slugging was .410 points higher
Played 82 more player innings (due to 5 run limits)
had 7 fewer put outs
4 more assists
12 more errors
Turned 5 more double plays
Caught 6 more base stealers
Allowed 78 fewer earned runs
Pitchers struck out 30 more batters
Hit 9 fewer girls
Gave up 56 fewer hits
Scored 5 or more runs in an inning 18 times (6 more then oponents)
scored 4 run in an inning (2 more then oponents)
Scored 3 runs in an inning 9 times (4 more)
Scored 2 runs in an inning 11 times (tie)
Scored 1 run in an inning 18 times (4 more)
Scored 0 runs only 18 innings (17 less then opponents)

Truely Champinship caliber results!