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HR fence will be 80 feet from home plate

Base paths will be 33 feet apart 

The pitchers mound will be 30 feet from home plate


3 outs per inning

4 inning games

3 players per team

original wiffleballs only

only bats used will be the ones provided

pitchers poison(only for first base)

no leading

no stealing

Ghost runners can not score

no Illegal substances to enhance pitching 

no bunting

trash talking is allowed

soft pegging is allowed 

3 strikes an your out

4 balls is a walk 

no bitching and moaning 

there will be umpires to make call on the base paths and plays at the plate 

If the league gets jearsys you must wear them

no fighting

 Obviously baseball rules apply to






This is the Amercian Wiffle League. This is a 4 team league and each team will play a total of 10 games. The season should take about 7 weeks an will include a double elimination tournament and will have a championship. Each team will have 3 players on it and games will have 3 out 4 inning games. Each team will play 1 game on one day and should take about 1 hour.