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Hi I'm Maddy!!!I love to dance,do piano,basketball,computer club,and track!I am caring,hilarious,sweet,friendly,adventureous,and talkative!My favorite subject in school is Language Arts!I love school!I have two best friends named Mary and Gabby thier the best!I don't know if i could live without them!I have an awesome family!I have two brothers named Tanner and Zachary but we call him Zach.My mom is awesome also my dad.Did I mention my awesome step parents but I don't prefer to them as my step parents.Now for my adorable dogs!Lulu and Buddy!Buddy is a lab!Lulu is a maltese!Whenever I want a big dog to play with me I know who to contact!Whenever I just want a dog to hold and cuddle with Lulu is the person.I forgot to mention I am a godaholic!I go to church almost every Sunday!I think I have told you enough about myself!Bye!