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The Foxes have entered pool play as the number 2 seed in the South Division. The 2 teams with the best records in the next 5 games will square off for a chance to get to the league championship.


Since dropping an extra inning affair vs. the Ashwaubenon A's, the Foxes have put together a 3 game win streak. During the streak, they have taken down the top two teams in the NEWMSBL South Division - the Neenah Brauers and the Kaukauna Islanders. There is no way on earth that we could have turned things around without the help of our old friend and mascot, Billy Hung. Thanks Billy!





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The Foxes lost to the Neenah Brauers in the semifinals of the postseason playoffs. Thanks to all the players, families, fans, and sponsors. The hunt for the 2013 championship begins NOW!!!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, the Foxes did some more reading in the produce section of Piggly Wiggly. This month's piece is entitled "The Berenstain Bears Get Kicked in the Dick" by Stan & Jan Berenstain. Here's what the heroes of the community thought...

"An absolute sh*t show. I don't know why we keep doing this. All I wanted to do was play a little baseball, not drive all the way to the grocery store only to discuss a stupid book and have Ben Paton throw grapes at me."
-Pitcher Paul Anzelmo

"I liked the movie better."
-1B/DH Andy Hanke

"R.I.P. Whitney Houston"
-IF Jason Bishop

"This was not only a tale of a tragic punt to the crotch, but a lesson in literary magic. The Berenstains really captured the essence of overcoming familial adversity in the home, be that home a tree or a brick house. The pages turned and my heart fluttered. Not only a must read, but a must own! What a bountiful harvest!"
-LF Shaun Mitchler

*pictured (right): Foxes Catcher Eric Blemberg shares his favorite excerpts with the Foxes Book Club Supervisor

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The Foxes have always been about giving back to the community. Before the hustle and bustle of the regular season begins to occupy about 3.5 hours of their weeks, the Foxes always do their best to spread their relentless love into the general populous. So if you see one of the Foxes out and about, stop and say hi and give them a nice pat on the buns!

Foxes infielder Jason Bishop offers his helpful bat at a local barn raising

Foxes first baseman/pitcher Ben Paton offers his soft hands at a recent couples massage

Skipper Dave Hanke and his son, First Baseman/Designated Hitter Andy Hanke take a much needed break from the blazing fiery inferno to pose with the Paul Deal Championship Trophy. Thanks for volunteering, guys!

A letter from Foxes owner, Marty Slutburger!

Dear Foxes players, families, and fans:

Happy belated Easter! Unlike you gentlemen on any given Saturday morning, He is risen!!

As you know, the season is rapidly approaching, and so is the deadline to hand in the team/player fees! I have spent most of the off season losing money on greyhound racing, masturbating, and eating Cheetos. These player/team fees will be all that I need to get my life back on track (no pun intended). Good luck and whatever for the upcoming season. Just get me this money. Our cat 'Balloon Knot' has been eating a steady diet of ice cubes and Burger King bags for a little over a week now. This is unacceptable, just like when you lost to the Appleton Cubs last season.

Keep reaching for whatever,

The Slutburgers
Marty, Thelma, and Balloon Knot

The Foxes Book Club, founded in 1971, was created to promote camaraderie between the Appleton Foxes players while exercising the most important baseball muscle: the brain.

This year's first book, Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!, by Dr. Seuss (1963) was reviewed, discussed, debated, and analyzed by your Appleton Foxes recently. The meeting was held at its normal venue, the produce section at Piggly Wiggly. Here are some highlights of the recent discussion:

"I didn't like it. 'B' should have been for 'Bullsh*t.'" -Center Fielder Kyle St. Marie

"Jerry Jordan's Jelly jar looks Jellylicious!" -Catcher Joe Baehman

"Everything looks f*ck*ng fantastic, but who the f*ck is the Quick Queen of Quincy and what the f*ck is a quacking quackeroo? Hell yeah." -Left Fielder Shaun Mitchler

"Hit the god damn cutoffs." -Shortstop Warren VanRooy

"You guys are all idiots." -Lilly Hanke, 2 year old daughter of 1B/DH Andy Hanke

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