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Field Requirements

  • Bases must be 45 feet (15 yards) apart from one another
  • The pitchers mound/rubber must be 45 feet (15 yards) from home plate.
  • The home run marker is 90 feet (30 yards) from home plate in right and left field, and 126 feet (42 yards) in center field.
  • Cones, fences, and/or other markers may be used to make the home run area visible.

Equipment Rules/Requirements

  • Plastic wiffle ball bats are required. 
  • Bats may not be corked or tampered with in any way, besides tape to the barrel and any other part of the bat that may need tape.
  • No baseball mitts may be used in the field.
  • Jerseys are not required, but matching colors are highly recommended.
  • The bats may not be thicker than any regular baseball bat.
  •  Bats are provided, but you may bring your own if you desire. If you do, the bat(s) must be inspected by the commissioner (Ben Destiche) and approved first.
  • Official wiffle balls will be used for games.


  • Teams must consist of 3-5 players.
  • You may not change your team name until the next season once you confirm it.
  • 4 teams are required to start the league.
  • You may have substitutes.
  • 3 or 4 players are allowed in the field on defense.
  • Your whole team consisting of 3-5 players must all bat.


  • The commissioner schedules all events.
  • The commissioner has the last say in close plays, ejections, etc.

Coin Toss

  • The coin toss must take place before every game. The worse seeded team/the team with the worse record of the teams competing will call the toss. 


  • Deer tag is allowed.
  • The pitcher's hand rule is allowed. If the person running to first base does not reach base before the pitcher has the ball, they are out. Once the pitcher calls time, the runners must go back to their previous base unless they are still in the process of running to the next base.
  • If the ball hits the strike zone, it is a strike.
  • If the batter fouls the ball into the strike zone with two strikes, it is a strikeout.
  • 3 outs per half inning, and 6 per inning.
  • 3 strikes and the batter is out.
  • 5 balls or 2 hit by pitches is a walk.
  • 6 inning games
  • 35 run mercy rule after 1 inning, 30 after 2, 25 after 3, 20 after 4, 15 after 5

Player Requirements

  • Every player must be 12-16 years old. (incoming 7th graders through incoming sophomores/10th graders)
  • They must be at the field 20-30 minutes before the scheduled game time.

Field Setup

  • Bases
  • Mound/pitching rubber
  • Homerun markers
  • Foul poles
  • Scoreboard (optional)
  • Stats station (behind the backstop)

Rule Book