Parents and fans,

APSA was formed to give your children an opportunity to compete against other schools that are similar in enrollment and competition level.  Sportsmanship is the basis of our league and should be on display at all events.  We want you to cheer and root enthusiastically for your school's student athletes, just remember to cheer for your opponents and support the officials as well.  Let's lead by example not only for your children but for other children as well.   


APSA Athletic Directors



Congratulations to Cathedral School of Saint Mary for winning the D2 Girls and D1 Boys Soccer Championships!

Congratulations to Santa Cruz Catholic School for winning the D2 Boys and D1 Girls Soccer Championships!

Congratulations to City School for winning the D2 Co-ed Soccer Championship!


Thank you parents, players, and coaches for another wonderful year of opportunity and competition!  APSA will be holding their annual league meeting in June to amend or make any changes needed to continue to make our league better.  Continue to teach your children that sportsmanship and work ethic is what really matters at the end of the day.  Let's be the role models to our children so they can be great on and off the field.


Quinn Bobek

APSA League President