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Registration for the 2018 Fall Season is OPEN!

Teams for 8U, 10U, 12U, and 15U are now being formed.

Visit Forms>Registration above to download/print registration forms.

Registration closes Sunday, August 5, 2018.


Araby Softball is a "recreational" youth fastpitch softball organization that participates in the Frederick County Girls Softball League (FCGSL), a league comprised of similar organizations located in Frederick County, MD. Throughout our program we emphasize...

Our Mission - Through the sport of fastpitch softball, provide the young ladies of Frederick County, MD, a safe and secure environment in which to develop mental, physical, and emotional confidence, skill, and positive attitudes.

Our Philosophy - Fun and "joy of the game," provides these young ladies an enjoyable outlet and pastime in which they can learn valuable life lessons from their individual and team successes and failures.

Our Values - Teamwork, performance, and sportsmanship, provides the young ladies with basic principles essential for future success - both on the field and in life. The respect for others instilled by working with a team to achieve a common goal; the "give it your all"/"never quit"/ "I can" approach to performance; and the "do what's right" mentality instilled by good sportsmanship are some of the broader life lessons this sport can, and does, impart.

Together, Araby Softball's mission, philosophy, and values foster a positive and enriching environment, and present our players with life experiences they can carry with them as they progress in sports and activities, school, and life in general. Of course they also combine to support our secondary mission - produce pretty good fastpitch softball players.


Visit the Araby Team Store to get your gear!


Those sweats for the cool evenings and tee-shirts for the hot days not only keep you and your player comfortable (and look cool!), they help support Araby Softball! 10% of these sales are donated to the program. So visit the Araby Team Store to get your gear!