A message from league co-commissioner Brian Sitongia:


"Hi all we have some major announcements and update for you ! On Saturday, the 2020 BOC officially came to a close in a thrilling series between The Ardmore Angels and Dan Ciecka 's Epstein didn’t kill himself Oldheads. In game 1 played last weekend, the Angels absolutely dominated to an easy 14-0 victory. In game 2 after falling behind both 5-0 and 10-5 early on, the Old Heads suddenly got it together and came back for a 12-10 victory for a very respectable 1-1 split. Games 3 and 4 saw the Epsteins maintain their game 2 momentum sparked by a 7-6 game 3 victory in a pitcher’s duel between Ciecka and Leto with Ciecka throwing a complete game in just awful heat. Game 4 was yet another close one with the Old Heads sealing the championship with an 8-6 victory and a very exhausted Ciecka coming in and finishing it out for the save ! Great job and credit to both teams for an amazing finals !


MVPs for the championship series are Tom Quirk and Rick Pull for the Angels, and Mark Dellafemina and John Sr. for the Oldheads. Great job gentlemen and congrats !


Pennant Winners: Ardmore Angels finishing the regular season with a 9-1 record!


Also, we now have the winners of awards for BOC regular season. Winners were voted on by the 5 managers: myself, Tom Quirk, Dave Polgar , Dan Ciecka, and Kyle Malatesta.

First off Manager of the Year: My peers voted myself to win this award. Our team (A’s) lost way back in February in our opener 3-1, but we than did not lose another game on the field until we ran into the Epstein buzz saw in the playoffs. I appreciated the votes and thank everyone for the accolade.


Rookie of the Year: Drew Robinson (Kyle Adolphus) (Red Sox) With a 471 BA, 4 RBIs, and a slugging percentage of 529, Drew slugged his way to the ROY award. In addition to this he is a wonderful young man who always displays great sportsmanship and is a blueprint of how to conduct yourself in a league environment.


Cy YoungNick Cowell (A’s) This one was unanimous. Nick let up 1 run in 19 inning pitched. Going 3-0 with an ERA of 0.37 and 18 stikeouts great season Nick well deserved !


Silver SluggerAnthony List (Angels) This guy is just simply put a pure hitter. A left-handed bat with tremendous power to the opposite field alleys, List batted 706 with 12 hits, 4 doubles, 10 RBIs, and a slugging percentage of 941. Way to go Anthony !


Also honorable mention for the Silver Slugger goes to runner up Dave Polgar (Blue Jays) with a 687 BA, 3 doubles, and a 1000 slugging percentage great season Dave !


Gold GloveMichael Samarco (Red Sox) This guy just simply makes plays. Tip for the entire league…don’t hit the ball his way because simply put you’re gonna be OUT ! Avoid center field at all costs. Great job Mike !


MVPBruce Leto and James Clark (ShockWave Gunzz) (Angels) Bruce batted 429 with 3 doubles, 13 RBIs, and a slugging percentage of 536. On the mound he went 4-0 with a 1.54 ERA and 10 strikeouts. In addition he also has an additional win in relief as a fill-in for the Athletics during the Covid-19 fill-in era and had a few extra hits as a fill-in as well. Clark has almost exact stats batting 417 with 2 doubles, 7 RBIs, and a 500 slugging percentage. On the mound he went 3-0 with a 1.95 ERA and an amazing 21 strikeouts in 14 innings pitched. Although Leto got the most votes, he has decided to split the award with his teammate Clark who was a close runner-up congrats guys !


Everyone take the next few weeks to re-charge and look out for announcements regarding upcoming late summer/fall activities. Thank You all!"

Epsteins and Angels head to the 2020 Championship!

Scores from the Semis (6/27):

Angels 15; Jays 5

Sharkey W; Guffey L

Angels 12; Jays 9

Tull, Jr. W; Legrady L


Epsteins 12; Athletics 0

Conto W, C. Kelly Sv; Rehak L

Epsteins 2; Athletics 1

A. Kelly W; Cowell L


Championship series will be a best of five ("5"); beginning in a few weeks!

Message from League Co-Commissioner - Brian Sitongia:


Hey all ! It is time to announce the 2020 BOC All-League players from each team ! These players were selected by each manager (Brian Sitongia, Tom Quirk, Dan Ciecka, Will Clark, and Tony Thomas) using guidance such as stats, attendance, team spirit, leadership, and just about anything else that was felt to be a positive contribution from each player to their respective teams, so with that in mind these are the all-league players:


Ardmore Athletics:

Nick Cowell aka Cool Nick with a 437 BA and giving up 1 run in 19 IP for a 3-0 record, 9 strikeouts and a 0.37 ERA !

- Cedric "the kid" Hall with a 300 BA 6 hits 2 doubles, has played in every game, and has been a work horse on the mound starting in 3 games and giving the A's a chance to win every time.

Jeff Weiss batting 571 with 8 hits 1 double 4 RBIS and a slugging percentage of 643.


Ardmore Angels:

- James ShockWave Gunzz Clark 417 BA 10 hits 9 runs scored 2 doubles 7 RBIs on the bump held a 1.95 ERA with a 3-0 record

Ricardo Tull aka Rickey 414 BA 12 hits 9 runs scored 2 doubles 7 RBIs also picked up a win on the mound as well

Bruce Leto Jr. aka the founder ! 429 BA 12 hits 9 runs scored 3 doubles 13 RBIs 4-0 record on the mound with 10 strikeouts holding a 1.54 ERA


Ardmore Blue Jays:

- Brandon Guffey aka the new MD in town (watch out Louis Petrone ) ! 429 BA 6 hits 1 triple. On the mound dude throws gasssss holding a 3.23 ERA in 8 innings pitched.

- Frank Legrady 529 BA 9 hits 2 doubles 4 RBI 5 bases on balls ( they started to learn to avoid his bat) ! On the mound has been a work horse throwing 14 innings with a 4.00 ERA.

- Jon Kaplan with a 571 BA with 8 hits and 9 runs scored and a 700 on base percentage.

- Dave Polgar with a 600 BA, 9 hits 3 doubles and 6 runs scored


Ardmore Red Sox:

Michael Samarco with a .353 BA 6 hits 1 double 4 bases on balls, and a slugging percentage of 412.

- Drew Robinson (son of a very proud Kyle Adolphus) with a 417 BA 1 double and 4 RBIs. Also a 2020 graduate of Roman Catholic High and a very well-mannered and respectful young man. Congrats Drew !

Rob Tomkinson aka the young stud 333 BA, with 3 hits all of which are doubles (he likes to hit bombs) and 4 RBIs. On the mound he has 10 strikeouts in 9.2 innings pitched.


Dan Ciecka's Epstein Old Heads

Alex Sargeant aka the Sarge 556 BA with 5 hits, a double, 4 bases on balls and a 692 on base percentage.

Ant Kelly with a staggering 733 BA going 11-15 with 3 RBI. On the mound this guy throws mad heat ! Going 1-1 with a 1.75 ERA and a sick 21 strikeouts in 8 innings pitched.

Carmen (no last name needed as he is simply a legend) posting a 400 BA with 6 hits, a double, and 8 RBIs. On the bump in 14 innings pitched, Carmen has 8 strikeouts and also has dealt the might Ardmore Angels their only loss of the season.


Once again congrats to all . The league recognizes you for your significant contributions, and look forward to seeing your continued success! ⚾"

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BOC had to unfortunately cancel games during April and most of May. However, on May 16th, 2020 - BOC returned with the.....*drum roll please*


"2020 CORONAVIRUS EPSTEIN CLASSIC" - featuring a mixed bag of Ciecka's Rangers/NJIBL players ("old heads") versus the Ardmore Angels in two games. Epstein jokes were tossed (by the way, he DIDN'T kill himself), shenanigans ensued, Clark needed Bruce's Icy Hot (again)...but all in all - it was good to get back out to the game we love, which CHINA tried to take away from OUR LEAGUE!


Highlights from today (per managers' consensus, stats were agreed to count for involved players; however, this game would NOT BE REFLECTED IN STANDINGS):


Game one: Angels beat Dan's Epstein Oldheads 4-0

- Carmen dealt for 3 innings before the game was called, and field location was changed (it was decided that the Angels won that game, and that the second game would be started at the new location). None of Carmen's runs were earned, and he struck out 3 batters during the outing!

- Rick, Clark, Leto, Peralta, List, Moretti, and Kabreeze all recorded hits for the Angels.

On a technicality, Leto pitched Ardmore's first-ever no-hitter (3 hitless, scoreless innings); as anti-climatic of a result as one could be!


Game two: Angels beat Dan's Epstein Oldheads 6-3

- Ciecka matched up against James Clark in a "pitchers duel". Neither starting pitcher recorded ANY earned runs!

- Hall and Tomkinson (fill-ins) recorded MAJOR RBI hits, which enabled the Angels to take the lead.

- Ant Kelly made his BOC debut, and pitched a scoreless inning against the Angels in relief!

- Ricky Tull with 2 scoreless innings (Hld); Tomkinson for the save.


Additionally, please WELCOME THE ARDMORE BLUE JAYS TO THE LEAGUE (which will be captained by Miguel Azcona)!! 






Preliminary 2020 BOC Schedule - SUBJECT TO CHANGE**


Sat, March 7th

Athletics versus Angels (7-innings)

Polo Field - 10:00 AM

Angels versus Red Sox (7-innings)

Polo Field - 1:00 PM


Sat, March 14th

Angels versus Central Park All-stars (9-innings)

Polo Field - 11:00 AM

Red Sox versus Central Park All-stars (7-innings)

Polo Field - 2:00 PM


Sat, March 21st

Angels versus Hellbenders (9-innings)

Polo Field – 10:00 AM


Sat, March 28th

Red Sox versus Angels (7-innings)

Polo Field – 10:00 AM

Red Sox versus Angels (7-innings)

Polo Field - 1:00 PM


Sat, April 11th

Athletics versus Red Sox

Polo Field - 10:00 AM

Athletics versus Angels

Polo Field - 12:00 PM


Sat, April 18th

Red Sox versus Angels

Polo Field - 10:00 AM

Red Sox versus Athletics

Polo Field - 12:00 PM


Sat, May 16th

Angels versus Athletics

Polo Field - 10:00 AM

Angels versus Red Sox

Polo Field - 12:00 PM


Sat, June 6th

Sox/Angels/Athletics to Central Park All Stars



Sat, June 20th

Athletics versus Angels

Polo Field - 10:00 AM

Athletics versus Angels

Polo Field - 12:00 PM


Sat, July 18th

Ardmore to NYC Summer Baseball?? Red Sox/Athletics combo team


Sat, July 25th



Sat, August 15th

Red Sox versus Angels

Polo Field – 10:00 AM

Red Sox versus Angels

Polo Field – 12:00 PM


Sat, August 29th

Athletics versus Hellbenders

Polo Field - 1:00 PM




- Seedings based on summer results will determine bracket for playoff (TBD - September/October 2020).

- 1 v 4; 2 v 3 (one 9-inning game)

- Winners play in a best of three (7-inning) series for the championship

- All-league selections (by each manager) due by July 1st!

October 26, 2019

BOTC Championship Game 3 - Angels Win BOC in a Dramatic, Two-Part Fashion!


After what proved to be an invigorating and suspenseful Part 1 of the BOC Championship (a split the previous weekend), Game 3 turned out to be both a logistical and meteorological nightmare. With Vipers Manager Nick Gatto out of pocket for all of Saturday (10/25 - 65 and sunny), managers of both teams (Leto, Quirk, Hitchens, and Gatto) agreed that - despite the inclement conditions - Game 3 would be played on Sunday (10/26) at the Haverford Reserve. However, despite the gentleman's agreement - the red hot Vogt Vipers got ice cold Northeast feet and only ONE ("1") was planning on attending in the 55 degree (moderate but slightly rainy) weather. With some quick thinking and trying to avoid the opposing team forfeiting, Leto made a few calls and was able to secure three ("3") more Vipers (Wood, and his two friends) along with three ("3") fill-ins (Ryan Schaming, Nick Cowell, and some other guy).

Jim Sharkey of the Angels matched up against Right-Handed Ringer Ryan Schaming who both traded 0's in the first inning. Jim Sharkey did not allow a single hit in three innings during Part I, and Ryan Schaming allowed 4 runs (coming from a Quirk Double, followed by a Sharkey HOME RUN) in addition to some errors behind him. Eventually, Part I was called (due to a late start), since the other half of the field became occupied by Haverford Girl's Soccer. It was agreed that the game would resume (adjudicated by Allen, the umpire) the following week.

Irritated and fed-up with the possibility of waiting ANOTHER week to finish the series, the Angels returned to their dugout; with higher spirits than the previous week - the championship was in sight...they could taste it!

After much begging and cajoling from the Vipers to restart Game 3, Allen had officially adjudicated that Part II of the championship would resume from the bottom of the 3rd inning - with the Angels up 4-0. Reluctantly, the Vipers agreed - and had some momentum going from a Bucky 1-2-3 inning.

However, the Vipers' start was no match for Ace Jim Sharkey - pitching an immaculate 4 additional innings (fanning almost 10; and giving up just a couple of hits; no runs). Additional offense by List (2-hits), Thomkinson, Leto, Tustin, Quirk, and Clark added 4 more runs to the board for the Angels; with Kabreeze Sheed effectively setting up closer David Dorn.

Nevertheless, during the top of the ninth - things got interesting for the complacent Angels (with an 8-0 lead). Vipers hits from Gatto, Reddick, and a few errors at 3rd made behind Dorn (looking precise, despite the situation) resulted in a 1-out, men on 2nd and 3rd situation. The score was 8-2 at that point, and Angels manager Tom Quirk went to closer Bruce Leto, Jr. with confidence.

Bruce K'd the first batter (Dydak) on 5 pitches (two foul balls and three strikes). The end was near; only one out away! 

After a controversial foul ball-  Leto threw a slider, resulting in a routine 3-hopper to SS Jensy Peralta who threw the ball away; letting two more Vipers runs come in. 8-4..

The Angels started to sweat.

After such a great run margin, the Vipers were now only two hits away from tying the game up. Leto looked at the bleacher, which held the championship trophy - surreptitiously poised next to Coach Quirk. He knew what he had to do.

Leto dug deep and went inside on Phil Susser, who lifted a fly ball to right-center field. CF (and Gold Glover Winner) Kabreeze Sheed sprinted to track the ball down in an athletic fashion, which gracefully fell into his glove as the triumphant Angels stormed the field to celebrate their first-ever championship!

Congratulations to both teams (Angels and Vipers) for stellar seasons!!!

Final Score:  Angels 8, Vipers 4

Players of the game:  Jim Sharkey (Post-season MVP); Andrew Tustin (Post-season MVP)

BOTC Championship Game 2 - Angels' Bats tame the Vipers, Game 3 awaits

October 12, 2019 – 03:00 PM

After a miraculous comeback in the late innings of game 1, the Vipers headed into the second half of the double header and their third game of the day looking to keep their momentum and get ahead early.  Sending out Bucky after a short relief appearance in game 1, Manager Nick Gatto could count on a strong presence on the mound.  Overall, confidence was high.


On the Angels’ side, spirits were low after the shocker of game 1.  For many Angels, this was the most devastating defeat of their baseball careers.  However, their morale was still intact, and the team was hungry to avenge the loss.  Manager Tom Quirk countered with opener Felix Dedos, who had seen success on the mound in the regular season but had yet to appear in the playoffs.


The first inning saw a pair of Vipers runs cross the plate on hits by Gatto and Hitchens.  With a 2-0 lead, the Vipers cleaned up in the first inning, but were in turn set down in order by Dedos in the top of the second.  Bucky maintained the lead by working around a Dedos triple in the bottom of the second, opening the door for his team to score three more runs in the top of the third.  A 5-0 lead seemed initially rather commanding until Andrew Tustin, James Clark, and Kabreeze Sheed all reached base to begin the inning.  A hit by pitch to Jensy Peralta, a walk by Rick Tull, and a base hit by Bruce Leto scored four runs soon after.  However, Bucky was able to retire Dedos and Dave Dorn on fly balls, bringing outfielder Jim Sharkey to the plate.  Sharkey capped off the inning by ripping a line drive into the RCF gap for a two run triple, giving the Angels a 6-5 lead after a vigorous rally.

The Angels’ dugout was immediately restored.  Spirits were once again high, and Bruce Leto was brought into the game to preserve the lead.  Leto was able to escape the 4th inning with no trouble, and it was again the bottom of the order who sparked a rally.  James Clark was hit by a pitch to start the inning, and Sheed smoked a long triple to center field to score him immediately.  Jensy Peralta and Rick Tull followed up with a single and a double to extend the lead to 9-5, with the inning ending on a Bruce Leto F8.

That score would hold until Bruce Leto (earning the relief Win) allowed two RBI singles in the 6th inning, allowing the Vipers to cut the lead to 9-7.  The Vipers were behind, but just as in game 1 they refused to acquiesce.  Even though pitcher Jayson Santiago was touched up for RBI singles by Rick Tull and Bruce Leto, no one on either side could ignore that as the Vipers’ final at bat approached, the shadow of their game 1 rally loomed large over the Angels’ 11-7 lead.

Rick Tull was given the ball to close, and his mission was to prevent the Vipers from repeating history and winning the series with yet another rally.  It would not be easy, as the Vipers’ bats awoke yet again behind the strength of a Szymon Cymbalski RBI triple.  With two runs in and two runners on, a Tull fastball was turned into a hard hit line drive to left field…

The ball was ripped.  It had a chance!

However, Left Fielder Jim Sharkey was there, and settling in place he was able to reel in the deep drive, sending the series to a third game after a heart pounding game 2.

Final Score:  Angels 11, Vipers 9

Players of the game:  Nick Gatto, Kabreeze Sheed, James Clark

BOTC Championship Game 1 - Vipers Win in a Walk-off Shocker

October 12, 2019 – 09:30 AM

This day had been coming for months. 


The Battle of the Cities championship was here, and it would be the Angels and the Vipers who would meet on the field hoping to take home the trophy.  Game 1’s matchup would feature Angels ace Jim Sharkey and Vipers ace John Hitchens, both commanding an arsenal of high velocity and powerful breaking pitches. 

The Angels seized an early two run lead in the first and second innings, taking advantage of Hitchens’ early struggles to find the strike zone and a couple of key base hits including an RBI triple by shortstop Rick Tull.  With the lead in hand, Sharkey set to work, mowing down the Vipers’ batters over the next three innings.  However, Hitchens was able to settle down as well, issuing a few more free passes but ultimately keeping the Angels quiet as his own team built a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the 3rd.  The runs came on the strength of a Nick Gatto 2 run triple past first baseman Lou Petrone.  Sharkey and Hitchens traded zeroes in the 4th inning, but in the fifth Angels second baseman Jensy Peralta drew a leadoff walk and stole second base in a highly unorthodox manner, drawing a pickoff throw and beating the play at second base, putting him in scoring position for a Brian Wurster RBI single to tie the game.  With the game even for the first time, Sharkey returned to the mound and continued to decimate Vipers batters, and ultimately he would finish with 14 strikeouts over 6+ innings.  Hitchens left the game in the 6th and gave way to Zolk in the midst of an Angels rally spearheaded by RBIs from Bruce Leto and Dave Dorn.  The Angels would push across an insurance run in the top of the 7th, giving them a strong 8-3 lead going into the bottom of the final inning. 

The Vipers had their backs to the wall, and they knew it.  Sharkey had fanned 14 and was going out for the 7th.  However, the Vipers buckled down and showed their patience, grinding out three consecutive walks to start the inning and load the bases for Hitchens.  Hitchens took a Sharkey fastball and smoked it into the right center field gap, clearing the outfielders for a tape measure grand slam and making it an 8-7 game in the blink of an eye.  Sharkey, visibly tired and demoralized, was pulled for Bruce Leto, who retired Mike Heine before allowing a base hit to Bucky and a long drive to Marcus on a hanging changeup.  Marcus appeared to have launched a walk off home run, but an excellent relay by Kabreeze Sheed and Jensy Peralta got the ball home in time to catcher Tom Quirk, who held onto the ball and tagged Marcus out just shy of home plate to take the game into extras.  Although the walkoff had been averted, the Vipers had clearly seized the momentum and were building steam going into the 8th.

In the tensest matchup so far in BOC, the 8th inning saw zeroes exchanged by Bucky and Wurster, with both teams holding their breath on every pitch.  Wurster was able to navigate around a couple of walks with four strikeouts, while Bucky continued his strong outing from earlier in the game.  In the bottom of the ninth inning, Jay Santiago reached base off of Wurster, who exited with a groin injury and gave way to James Clark on short notice.  Manager Nick Gatto came to the plate with a man on and delivered a laser beam over the center fielder’s head, driving in the game winning run and completing an absolutely devastating comeback win for the Vipers, who took a 1-0 lead in the championship series in dramatic fashion. 


Players of the Game:

Angels – Jim Sharkey, Brian Wurster

Vipers – John Hitchens, Bucky


2019 Award Winners!

Hey BOTCers,

A message from Tom Quirk - this year's BOC league co-commissioner: 

Congratulations on a successful first season of Battle of the Cities Baseball!  Here are your regular season award winners as voted on by the managers! Very much looking forward to the playoffs on 10/12 at Polo Field, as well!

First, I would like to announce the Gold Gloves.  Our winners will come as no surprise, as both have played stellar defense all year long and anchored the team at their respective positions.  On the infield, the hardware was taken by Ardmore shortstop Rick Tull, who flashed the leather every time he took the field and made shortstop look easy for the rest of us.  Ground balls up the middle were eaten up at a prodigious rate as Rick continued to show Philadelphia and New York baseball his defensive prowess in 2019.

In the outfield, your winner was none other than Angels center fielder Kabreeze Sheed, who took charge of what was once a huge weakness of the team and made it his own.  With grace and skill, Kabreeze helped pitchers breathe a little easier every time the ball was hit in the air.  Far from the weak outfields in the team’s past, the 2019 version was very strong defensively, and Kabreeze was much of the reason for this impressive upgrade.


Next up, we have the dubiously cringey Bombsniffer Award.  Despite the strange name, this award carries a big stick: It was awarded to the player with the longest drive of the season.  Ardmore’s own James Clark takes home this award with a monster grand slam hit against the Brooklyn Rat Cannons.  Clark’s colossal home run cleared the center fielder by a huge margin, allowing four runs to score comfortably in what became a big comeback win for the Angels.


For all the talk of bombs and home runs though, the 2019 Silver Slugger award goes to a player who is much more of a table setter.  Batting .519 with 10 runs, 9 RBI, and a 1.085 OPS, Angels Infielder Jensy Peralta took home the award this season.  Providing his own play by play as he swung the bat, Jensy came up huge in several big spots for the Angels this year while also reaching base more than half the time, keeping outs off the board and being in prime position to score when the big bats came up.  Congratulations Jensy!


Next, we have the Cy Young award.  Normally, this award requires a bit of discretion, forcing managers to choose between starters and relievers.  What’s more valuable, an unhittable reliever, or a starter who gives his team the best chance to win every time he sets foot on the mound?  Well, this season, voters decided they liked both equally.  Your unhittable reliever for this season was Jim Sharkey, who lurked in the bullpen for the Angels every time the game was close and struck batters out like it was going out of style.  Allowing 0 runs and striking out 16 over 8 innings, Sharkey had more than a few batters hearing the Jaws theme as their at bats came to an unfortunate, yet inevitable close. 

Your ace starter this season was Bruce Leto, who compiled a 1.91 ERA and a trio of wins over 11 innings pitched, guaranteeing the Angels quality innings each time he entered the game.  Bruce also demonstrated excellent control, with an 8:1 K:BB showing his willingness to go after batters and his ability to pound the strike zone while minimizing mistakes.  Congrats to our co winners!


Finally, we have the MVP Award.  Often, there is much controversy over the MVP.  What defines valuable?  Is it the Most Valuable Player, or is it the Best Player?  When are voters going to admit that Mike Trout deserves it?  As it happens, this year a different Angel made all of those questions irerelevant.  Pitching to a 1.91 ERA with 3 wins, and providing a superlative 1.563 OPS and 13 RBIs, Bruce Leto was the obvious choice for MVP this season, providing excellence at the plate, in the field, and on the mound.  If that isn’t the definition of valuable, then I don’t know what is.  Congratulations to Bruce for taking home the MVP, and here’s to everyone keeping this play up in the postseason!

Angels Sweep the Rat Cannons at the Picturesque Cunningham Park (9/21)

A 30-run day by the Angels leaves the Cannons left for dead

GAME 1: With Angels Ace James Clark going the distance (CG; 1 ER; 7 K's) and timely hits by Clark, Peralta, Leto, Tull, Gabalawi, and Quirk - the Rat Cannons (battling behind hurler Jordan Achili) couldn't match a 15-run offensive day by the Angels

GAME 2: A 5-run first inning by the Cannons (hits from Cosme, Jay, Jeremy, Polito, and Ponto) against hurler Ricky Tull had the Angels at the edge of their seats, until an offensive Red Rally (Clark, List, Peralta, Tustin, Yarnell) gave mid-reliever Leto enough cushion to deal and secure the WIN for the Angels, with Yarnell shutting the door. Final Score: 15-9...GREAT GAME!



1 Seed (Angels) plays 4 Seed (Rat Cannons)

2 Seed (Vipers) plays 3 Seed (Wolves)

in the case of a BYE; 2 plays 3 (Ardmore Bye into the Championship Game)

After An Early Big Lead, the Hellbenders Close the Gap but Fall Up Just Short Of The Gritty Angels!

GAME 1: After some early morning passing showers, the Ardmore Angels got their 4th Annual Labor Day Classic underway to match up against first-time opponents the GPMABL Hellbenders. After both starting pitchers (Leto and Tulsi) traded blanks the first inning, the Angels had an OFFENSE EXPLOSION in the second inning, which gave Leto a cushion to twirl three scoreless innings until the 4th. In the 4th inning, the Hellbenders got to Angels reliever Vince Yarnell with a few clutch hits (Rob, Nate, Breeze)/walks (Anthony List) - precipitating Felix Dedos to come in and bail the Angels out with a strong outing. The Hellbenders pitching cleaned it up for the remainder of the game; however, Ricky Tull shut the door before the 'benders could answer.

Final Score: Angels 8; Hellbenders 4

Bruce Leto (W; 3-0). Felix Dedos Hld (1); Ricky Tull Sv (1)

Tulsi L (0-1)

How did your Angels perform?

Peralta (2/4 with 2 RBI's, run)

Tull (2/3 with 2 RBI's, 2B, BB, 2 runs

Leto (1/3, BB, run)

Yarnell (1/4 with 1 RBI)

Quirk (0/2 with walk, HBP, run)

David Dorn (1/3, BB, run)

Felix Dedos (1/3, 2B, BB, 2 runs)

Crosby (0/3 with K)

Dio Perez (0/1. RBI, 2 BB, run)

Moretti (1/3, RBI, K)



Leto (3 IP, 2 BB, 2 H, 0 Runs; Win)

Yarnell (0.1 IP, 1 BB, 3 H, 4 R, 4 ER)

Dedos (1 IP, 2 K's - HLD)

Tull (3 IP, 1 BB, 2 H, 3 K's, Save)



Ardmore Angels travel back up to NYC in July to finish their series, before the BOC Playoff/Tourney on 10/12!!


Vipers Defeat Rat Cannons - Move to Second Place

Despite a lengthy delay prior to the game, the Vipers and Rat Cannons met for the first time on June 8th in a fun day of BOC baseball!

GAME 1: The weather was hot, tensions short, and the smack talk insurmountable - but BOC persevered to get a much-needed game in after a long layoff. Notorious Nick Gatto dealt for the Vipers, limiting the damage to one run, 3 hits, and several strikeouts. Hitchins and Santiago relieved Gatto, to shut the door on a surprisingly quiet Rat Cannons offense. An offensive explosion of Gatto, Ricci, Dydak, Hitchins, and Malloy (BOC debut) proved to be too much for Judicious Jay (suffering from poor defensive) and the Cannons to handle. 


Ardmore Angels travel back up to NYC in July to finish their series, before the Cannons play the Wolves in July (first meet-up between the two baseball clubs)!

Angels and Cannons Split in the Big, Muddy Apple - Cannons move to 2nd Place

After tireless work on what appeared to be unsalvageable field (and endless phone calls to Ponto), Cannons and Angels enjoy an engaging and fun day of baseball!

GAME 1: The Rat Cannons (spurred by hits from Dave, Jeremy, and Jay) got to Angels pitcher James Clark (AKA 420 Black Dynamite, which could have been his AIM screen name circa 2003). However, a sea of base runners (5 hit batsmen, Tull and Leto RBI's, and a game-tying Peralta Sac Fly) provided enough offense that the Angels needed to outmatch lefty Jordan Achili; as Clark settled in and did not allow a run in highly effective 2nd through 7th innings. 

GAME 2: "Dealing Dio Philipe Niekro" and "Judicious Jay - the Strike Thrower" matched up in a gem-tastic pitcher's duel for game two. A timely Jacob Flaschen double gave the Angels the lead in the 6th, which made things interesting...

However, "Sweet Dan" wasted no time getting to Angels reliever Kabreeze Sheed, as a moonshot 2-RBI double gave the Cannons the lead; deflating the Ardmore Angels, and sealing up a complete game 5-hitter by Judicious Jay.


The Rat Cannons face the Vipers and Wolves for the first time in June!

Vipers edge out Wolves in a nail-biter; move to 2nd place

Amidst an umpire drinking iced-tea, a muddy 2nd base path, and Chris Shane lying down in right field - the Vipers come out victorious

In a summer-camp style baseball rendezvous, the Vipers hosted the Wolves after a two-hour rain delay - with McMoran park having been worked on tirelessly by Leto and Quirk's steadfast Ardmore Angels


Crafty Chris and Nuanced Nick battled it out for several innings, with an early Vipers offense (spurred by Shane, Zolk, and Shawn - 3/4 with an RBI; Joe Wood - 2 RBI's) providing enough insurance to hold off the Wolves until late in the game. However, hits by Smith, Franchetti, Medycki, and Monica made things interesting (Austin Powers style) as the hungry Wolves got to effective mid-reliever Mike Heine. 

With one out and runners on, Shawn Wood signaled for reliever Sean Zolk to come in from center field (who had been making shoestring and Sports Center-esque catches all day in the McMoran outfield - characterized by trees and magic mushrooms in the grass area).

Zolk wasted no time and retired the first batter, throwing strikes and silencing spectators. With two outs, and the Wolves down by one - Joe Mortimer hit a screamer down the line that Joe Wood (the patriarch of the team) made a diving stop for. Evidently, age was a factor in this play, as Father Wood had a difficult time braving the mud - making a last second flip to Zolk to beat out Mortimer in a DRAMATIC game-ender.


The Wolves and Vipers face off again; Wolves trying to ward off the cellar

Ardmore Angels Sweep Vogt Vipers, Move to 4-0

Leto Shines as Ardmore Angels claim victory

The Ardmore Angels hosted the Vogt Vipers on Saturday in the Vipers' inaugural BOC matchup, sending out pitchers Bruce Leto and Ryan McGee to face off against formidable Vipers hurlers Nick Gatto and John Hitchins.


Game 1 featured an early flurry by the Vipers, who got to Leto in the first inning for 3 runs to take the lead.  RBI hits included both Hoffman and Ricci for the Vipers.  However, the Angels struck back quickly, in a third inning highlighted by Jensy Peralta's 2 run single.  With the score tied 3-3, the bats were quieted over the next couple of innings by both Leto and Gatto, with both pitchers trading zeroes until a pair of Angels crossed the plate in the 5th.  With the lead in hand, Angels manager Tom Quirk sent out Jim Sharkey to close the game out, and the lefty obliged with 7 strikeouts over the last three innings to seal the victory for the Angels.


Game 2 proved a different story, as the Angels took advantage of free passes and a couple of tough plays in the field to gain a 3-0 lead in the 2nd.  Starter Ryan McGee was able to hold the Vipers scoreless until the 5th, when Vogt was able to break through with a 4 run inning featuring and RBI single by Donnie Hoffman, a Ricci double, and a go-ahead base hit by Aidan Carolan.  Deploying reliever Brandon Dydak to close the door, Vogt sought to claim the rubber game.  With two outs in the bottom of the fifth, Dydak faced the Angels' Quirk, who ripped a two strike single to right to score Sharkey and tie the game at 4 with two outs. However, Vogt was able to take advantage of the Angels' defense in the top of the 6th to score a run once again and regain the lead.  Angels reliever Dave Dorn was off the hook for the loss; however, McGee was able to cross the plate on an Eddie Costantini sacrifice fly to set the stage for the final inning.  In the top of the 7th, Jim Sharkey entered once again with two men on, and struck out the side to silence the Vipers.


In the bottom of the 7th, a base hit by Rick Tull and a walk by Tom Quirk put the Vipers in a tough spot.  However, Dydak was able to retire Peralta on a fly to center and McGee on a fielder's choice, setting up a first and third situation for Bruce Leto.  The field was silent as the #3 hitter for the Angels dug in, in the biggest at bat of the young BOC to date.


Wasting no time, Leto swung at a high fastball from Dydak and launched a drive down the left field line, soaring over the outfield and falling in for a gargantuan walk-off single, giving the Angels a 6-5 victory and pushing them to 4-0.



The Vipers face the Wolves next as both teams vie for the #2 seed, as the Angels head to NYC to play their first road game vs the Rat Cannons.


Battle of the Cities – 2020 UPDATE (6.16.2020)


We are very much looking forward to having you as a part of our 2019 inaugural season! South Ardmore Baseball League endeavors to create a friendly (but competitive) gentleman’s league. Every game we play; pitch we throw; play we make, must be in the best interest of stewarding this league’s mission – to provide all-inclusive recreational baseball as a means of community gathering and athletic competition.

Please see the rules below as a framework for the 2019 season.  

We expect and encourage managers to collaborate in a friendly, agreeable, and professional manner if any discrepancies or confusion arise.

Basic Rules:

·         Each team is recommended to play a best of three (“3”) series throughout the course of the summer against the other three teams in this league – in order to establish a reasonable sample size for playoffs (in July/August).

·         9-inning games may be counted as two games in the standings (in lieu of 7-inning double-headers) WITH THE CONSENT OF BOTH MANAGERS PRIOR TO THE GAME.

·         The Battle of the Cities (BOC) schedule has discretion to change based on availability of managers, teams, and field locations.

·         Each player on each team must participate in a minimum of two ("2") separate “leverage” games throughout the summer in order to be eligible for playoffs. Pitchers must appear in two ("2") separate appearances to be eligible to pitch in playoffs.

o   Managers of all teams are required to submit tentative lineups to the commissioner ( the night prior to each game – this helps ensure accountability and will decrease flakes.

·     Teams that are unable to finish games or have to leave before the conclusion of a double-header will forfeit their game for the day (1-0 score in standing).

     FORFEITS: if a team forfeits due to lack of players, it counts as a game played for EACH PLAYER WHO SHOWED UP TO THE FIELD before the game was called. This needs to be consented by the managers of BOTH teams, accordingly. Stats do not count for FORFEIT games (if a scrimmage is played thereafter).

·         Managers are each asked to umpire at least one (“1”) game during the summer to reduce expenditures on outsourced umps. During the playoffs, teams will be asked to contribute for professional umps to ensure objectivity and streamlined game play.

·         Wilson A1010 balls will be provided during the playoffs

·         Managers must submit results, scores, and stats after each game to either Bruce Leto or Tom Quirk – as well as uploading the stats into his/her team’s League Lineup page (link forthcoming). Managers must sign off on the stats uploaded subsequent to each game, in a collaborative fashion.


Field Conditions:

South Ardmore Baseball League plays in all types of weather – one of the harsh realities of living on the East Coast and enjoying this game. We do not cancel games unless the fields are absolutely saturated, lightning, torrential downpour, shark attacks or zombie apocalypse. It is the responsibility of the home team to police and “prep” the field the night before/prior to each game. Please contact Bruce Leto, Jr. if you need help or maintenance equipment.


In-Game Rules:

·         Leads and pick-offs are permitted; steals are prohibited (unless both managers of both teams consent to a game with steals). Runners may only advance on errant throws from the catcher to P, 1B, 2B, 3B etc.

o   Base-runners may; however, steal on passed balls back to the pitcher (from the catcher)…those balls are LIVE.

·        Stats must be kept as accurately as possible, and with adherence to Ardmore pitching qualifiers. 3+ IP in 7 inning game for the W; 4+ IP in a 9 inning game in the regular season. Post-season pitching stats will mimic more "traditional" MLB rules...starting pitcher must stay in for more than half of the game (4+ IP in 7 inning game; 5+ in 9 inning game). Saves – same as MLB rules (both regular and post-season); however, a pitcher who closes the final 2 or 3 innings in a 7-inning game (with a score margin of greater than three) can record a save if and only if the scorekeeper judges that his/her innings were effective, discretionally.

·         No dropped third strikes

·         If a pitcher hits three (“3”) batters; he/she will strongly be encouraged to leave the game.     

      If a team shows up with 8 players, receives one out in the lineup for said voided lineup spot. If a team shows up with 7 players, receives two outs in the lineup for said voided lineup spot. Teams cannot play with fewer than 7 players.

      Games that start later than 15 minutes after scheduled start time will result in a forfeit for the team with fewer players.

·         Pinch Runners – only on 2 outs and with a player who has not been entered into the lineup during the game (except for pinch running situation).

·       Balls hit (or thrown) beyond the dugout fences will be considered “Dead balls.” One extra base will be awarded to baserunner.

·         Overthrows – Runners can (but are not required to) take one extra base at his/her discretion. For example, balls that get past the first baseman at Polo (and collide with the fence) are STILL LIVE. Additionally, the "phantom tag" rule is effect (one extra base awarded; same situation as a "balk.")

      6/22/2020 (Playoff Clause Amendment - Special Circumstances):

      - In the 2020 Playoffs (due to extenuating circumstances during the season), up to two ("2") rostered players with only one ("1") GP eligibility for said team (PER GAME) may participate in his/her team's playoffs. One GP rostered pitchers may pitch up to two "2" innings per day, per opposing manager's consent. There are no restrictions for One GP Pitchers with regards to fielding/batting. Said players must commit league dues ($30) and playoff dues ($25) prior to playoff games. Catchers may receive substitute (pinch runners) for them on the base path ("speed up rule"); regardless of how many outs there are at any given point in time. Managers must bat nine ("9") players total at the very minimum - are able to bat as many as desired after the standard 9. Managers can pitch/field players and choose to not bat them; and vice versa. Managers can bat players in A/B slots; however, once a player leaves the batting lineup - he cannot return later that game. Any other questions regarding rules must be collaboratively consented upon via managers (lest umpire's jurisdiction).

Naughty (Prohibited) Behavior:

·         Drug use

·         Heckling opposing players (specifically the pitcher)

·         Threatening or assaulting the umpire (even challenging calls will result in immediate expulsion)

·         Violence

       Corked bats/steroids

·         Sucking at baseball

·         Spiking or endangering another player


Let’s have a great season – PLAY BALL!!!


The first-ever Battle of the Cities (3/23) took place at Polo Field on March 23rd between longtime friends (and rivals) the Philadelphia Wolves and the Ardmore Angels. A different brand of baseball, this league plans on featuring four ("4") teams from different geographic areas (including NYC) in a round robin style play throughout the summer; leading up to the tournament playoffs in August.

We look forward to fostering a friendly, but competitive style of baseball between the Brooklyn Rat Cannons, the Ardmore Angels, the Philadelphia Wolves, and the Vogt Vipers.

For info - please contact Bruce Leto, Jr. at 610-316-1112 or Rob Grabel at 215-409-8462