Congratulations to all our wrestlers at the Germantown Tournament.  Together we where able to take home the 3rd place team trophy!


Welcome to ALC Wrestling!!! 

2018/2019 Tournament Schedule has been posted!!  Check out our calendar for details.



ALC Registration is now open

All ages and skill levels K - 8th Grade

All Schools  in the Lake Country Area are welcome!


Thank You for an awesome Trial November!  If you had fun and would like to continue please register today.


The 2018/2019 Season  is on!

check our calendar for updates on dates and times 


The club will participate in multiple tournaments during the season including our own ALC Youth Tournament March 2nd

ALC will also host and participate in Inter-Club Scrimmages

All competition is voluntary!! No requirement to compete!!


ALC Wrestling Club is a local non-for profit organization dedicated to promote youth wrestling in the Lake Country area.   



Throughout the Season ALC will be posting Videos links to USA Wresting.  These videos will match what moves we will be practicing each week.


To get ready for the up coming Tournament Season we will be moving quickly through more moves such as pinning combos and escapes.  We will also begin doing more live wrestling over drills


Videos Links for This week 


The bottom position by Kerry McCoy (2X Olympic Free Style Champion)





Club Overview

 Vision Statement

To be a program that instills the love of wrestling in all of its athletes while developing competitive and basic wrestling skills. 


Guiding Principals

         Provide a positive environment where young athletes learn key life lessons through wrestling.  These lessons include:

1. Have Fun:  Sports should be fun, we are building for the future

2.  Commitment: Set goals and work hard to achieve those goals

3.  Accountability: Take personal accountability for ones actions 

4.  Respect: Your parents, coaches, teammates, opponents, and self

5.  Hard Work: Learn the value that hard work results in



Coaching Philosophy

·       Understanding that they are role models for young athletes, coaches will always act in a way that provides positive, wholesome examples to our wrestlers and opponents.


·       Provide an environment where young athletes can improve their wrestling skills in preparation to become successful High School wrestlers.


For any questions please contact us at

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