• Arkansas' Largest Independent Youth Basketball League
  • Cedarville, Mountainburg, Mulberry/Pleasant View,
  • Christ the King, Immaculate Conception, Poteau,
  • Union Christian Academy, JC Westside, and First Lutheran


Well, another season has come to an end. Congratulations to all the 2019 tournament champions.

3rd Grade Girls Champs Cedarville Pirates with an 11-0 record on the season.

3rd Grade Girls runner-up IC

3rd Grade Boys Champs Mountainburg Blue with an 11-0 record on the season.

3rd Grade Boys runner-up Christ the King

4th Grade Girls Champs Westside with a 10-1 record on the season. Last season, Westside was the tournament 3rd Grade runner-up.

4th Grade Girls runner-up IC

4th Grade Boys Champs Poteau with an 11-1 record on the season

4th Grade Boys runner-up Cedarville

5th Grade Girls Champs IC. This is an undefeated 3-peat for the lady Buffs!! This year finishing 11-0, 2018 at 12-0, and 2017 at 11-0. WOW!!

5th Grade Girls runner-up Westside

5th Grade Boys Champs Cedarville with a record of 10-1 on the season. The Pirates finished runner-up in the 2018 tournament.

5th Grade Boys runner-up IC

6th Grade Girls Champs Cedarville with a record of 11-0 on the season. The Lady Pirates are 3-time undefeated champs (2019, 2018, 2016) with one runner-up in 2017. They have a four year record of 45-2. Very impressive!!

6th Grade Girls runner-up Mountainburg

6th Grade Boys Champs IC with a 12-0 record on the season. The Buffs are two time champs (2019, 2016) and two time runner-up (2018, 2017). Very nice!!

6th Grade Boys runner-up Westside