• Some people wish it would happen...Some people want it to happen...Some people make it happen! M.J.
  • Desire...Discipline...Dedication...Success is a choice!!!
  • Everday is a chance to get better!
  • Work so hard, that one day your signature will be called an autograph!


About Us....

The Aloha State Athletics Program was founded to offer the Youth of Hawaii another positive avenue of sports activities. Our purpose is to inspire confidence and healthy competition through Athletic Education and the Game of Basketball.

A.S.A. is committed to developing the athletic skills of our youth while creating a safe and enjoyable environment for the entire family. We believe through hard work and proper training, the A.S.A. Program will assist in building a solid Basketball foundation today..... For the Youth of Hawaii tomorrow!



Who are We....

We are the A.S.A. Weapons! A Youth Basketball Club assembled to compete on Local and National Platforms to develop our skills as players at an early age and prepare us for the upcoming challenges at the High School level and beyond.

What do we do....

We place a strong focus on developing our athletic abilities through Speed and Quickness Drills, Body Weight Exercises, Conditioning Drills, and Basketball Drills.

Weapons Cheer....

1. Who are we? WEAPONS!!!

2. What do we do? HUSTLE! HUSTLE! HUSTLE!!!

3. Weapons on 3.....1, 2 , 3, WEAPONS!!!