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Wolverines lose season opener in blow out to the Jays

Wolverines looking to bounce back after blow out loss to the Little Chute Blue Jays 24-0. Chris Froehlich and Osmar Padilla each had a single for the Wolverines in the afternoon affair.

Wolverines face the A's next Sunday.


We are the Wolverines!!!


Wolverines are well-known for their strength, fearlessness, and voracity.  They can climb impossible peaks and defeat animals more than twice their size in a battle. A powerful and versatile predator indeed.

Every summer, when our team goes out on the field to play hardball, we strive to bring out the Wolverine in us. 

The battle is not over 'till is over. We want to be powerful, fearless, predators. Without taking the fun out of the game, at the end of the day, only one objective remains: to finish up on top, Victorious!

Here to Playin' Ball, Havin' Fun & Kickin' Ass!


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