2019 Final Rankings

1).  Berra Blue Sox.                      Ohio

2).  Brunswick Orioles.                   Maryland

3).  Beecher Muskie.                       Illinois

4).  Detroit Jet Box.                        Michigan

5).  Lombard Orioles.                      Illinois

6).  Brooklyn Sports Fever.              New York

7).  Buffalo Diesel.                          New York

8).  Team Deb.                               New York

9).  Hackensack Troast.                   New Jersey

10). Georgetown Titans.                  Delaware

2017 Final Regular Season Rankings

1)  Brookyn Sportsfever NY

2) Brunswick Orioles MD

3)  Jamco NY

4)  Albany Athletics

5)  West Chase Express

6)  Orchard Park NY

7)  Hackensack Troast

8)  WaterTown NY

9)  Lake Erie Buckeyes OH

10)  Bassistoni Diesel NY.

The Final Rankings Will Be Determined After NABF and Stan Musial World Series are complete.

2017 Final Rankings

1.  Battistoni Diesel.    Ny

2.  Orvilles Buffalo  ny

3.  St. Johns Lefties.  Pa

4.  Beecher Muskie.  Ill

5.  Brooklyn Sports Fever.  Ny

6.  Hackensack Troast.   Nj

7.  Battlecreek Merchants.   Mich

8.  Brunswick Orioles.  Md

9.  New Rochelle.     Pa

10. Portland Rockets.   Conn

2018 Mid Season Rankings

1).  Brunswick Orioles

2).  Lombard Orioles

3).  Jamco

4).  Team Deb

5).  Orchard Park

6).  St Johns Lefties

7).  Brooklyn Sports Fever

8).  Batistonia Diesel

9).  Hackensack Troast

10).  Chicago Clout

2018 Final Rankings

1.   Lombard Orioles.          Illinois

2.   Brunswick Orioles.        Maryland

3.   Berra Blue Sox.            Ohio

4.   Muskegon Muskie.        Michigan

5.   Beecher Muskies.         Michigan

6.   Battistonia Diesel.        New York

7.   Brooklyn Sports Fever.   New York

8.   West Herr.                   New York

9.   St John's Lefties.          Pennsylvania

10.  Hackensack Troast.     New Jersey

American Semi Pro Baseball Rankings

September 12, 2014

Welcome to the home site of the America Semi Pro Baseball Rankings. Across the country there are hundreds of unlimited amateur baseball teams competing in many different leagues. Many of these leagues and teams compete in two national organizations the oldest in the nation the National Amateur Baseball Federation and the AABC Stan Musial. Both of these organizations have national regional and world series competition. National Champions are declared in both affiliations. In the past several years the NSPBA has ranked teams across the nation with pre season mid season and final polls. The president of that organization Mr Tim Turpin has now opened the National American Semi Pro Baseball Hall Of Fame and can longer take care of this endeavor because of the work load involved with the Hall Of Fame. With this in mind we formed the ASPBR to continue the rankings which are follwed closely by many teams and leagues across the country. We will do our best to provide the best rankings according to record, power of schedule and finishes in the two national tournaments as well as regional play. To be considered for ranking status your team must be affiliated with the NABF or AABC. We hope you enjoy our site.

Final Poll 2016

1).   Albany Athletics

2).   Brooklyn Sports Fever

3).   Bastonia Diesel Buffalo

4).   Watertown

5).   Hackescak Troast NJ

6).   Brunswick Orioles  MD

7).   Cleveland Black Wolves

8).   Westchase Express TX

9).   Lake Erie Buckeyes

10).  Beecher Muskies  Ill