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  • After 8 seasons, the BTWL is coming to a close


BREAKING: After 8 Years, the BTWL is Coming to an End

Today is a day that we were hoping would never have to happen. But realistically speaking, we knew the end was nigh, and that this day would be coming sooner rather than later. Today, as captains and founders of the Black Top Wiffleball League, it is time that we formally announce the end of our great wiffleball league indefinitely.

The BTWL, formerly known as the Auburn Wiffleball League (AWL), has provided our players with a league they can rely on and call their own for 8 years now. It is in this 9th year that we’ve decided we can no longer run this league to the best of our ability, and in a manner that everyone can enjoy. For 8 years we’ve managed to get a group of kids together who likely would have never intermingled, and we’ve enjoyed each others company and competition endlessly. 

As each summer approaches and each school year draws to a close, the BTWL has always been there for us to look forward to as our light at the end of the tunnel.  More importantly it was something that we enjoyed doing, and as captains we enjoyed the leadership roles we gave ourselves, and the task of compiling our stats and news was something that kept us going. For many years now we’ve known that the BTWL is something that we never wanted to force, it had to happen naturally. It was meant to be fun and never a burden, but as we all regrettably grow older and busier, we are finding that getting enough elite players together each weekend is simply not as easy as it once was. We do not wish to elongate the existence of the BTWL for the sake of just doing it. Instead we knew that if this day were to come eventually, then we would accept it for what it is and thank our lucky stars that this league was as successful, enjoyable, and harmonious as it was.  Trust us, as young 16 year olds enduring their sophomore year of high school, we never imagined a day where we would be 24 and still fighting to keep the BTWL going strong. This is why this day gives us such heavy hearts. The BTWL was ours and we will never forget that.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who has ever been involved in the BTWL and contributed to its’ shocking amount of success. To the players of the BTWL, the parents, the supporters, and even to the younger kids who saw our model and made their own: thank you for supporting us, and thank you for helping to make wiffleball wildly popular and relevant in the town of Auburn. Although today marks the end of an 8-year run, there will always be wiffleball in our future. We will inevitably continue to play each and every summer, complete with trash talk and dingers, but it will no longer be under the umbrella of the BTWL. The statistics and results of each season can now be permanently etched in stone, as they will never be altered.  Lastly, this site will continue to stand for reference purposes, statistics, and just general nostalgia. Once again, thank you to everyone who made this possible, but most importantly we want to thank anyone who has ever thrown a pitch, swung a bat, or fielded a ground ball for us. Whether you were officially on a roster or not, without you there never would have been a BTWL, and we thank you all for that because you played as big of a role in the BTWL’s success as we, the captains, did. It is here that we bid you adieu. Thank you all for everything you’ve ever done to help us build a league that so many of us could love. We will miss the camaraderie, the playful trash talk, and the staunch competition we all took part in.

Peace BTWL. To say it’s been real would be the biggest understatement of our lives. We’ll miss you. 


Tyler Galicia
Jim Sarkisian
Dave Pierce
Anthony Sciaraffa

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Welcome to The Black Top Wiffleball League Official Homepage. Formally known as the Auburn Wiffleball League (AWL), we are a league located in Auburn, Massachusetts and made up of 4 Teams (Reno Aces, Montgomery Biscuits, Jamestown Jammers, and Wilmington Blue Rocks). The league was created in the summer of 2006 by Dave Pierce, Tony Sciaraffa, Tyler Galicia, and Jim Sarkisian. 
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