Old and rare bottles of Australian wine Shanghai are a good way to enjoy special family time together. If an oenophile is in charge of serving the wine, they will either open up the best in the cellar or serve crowd pleasers while hiding the best stuff. Some of these old and rare bottles can even serve as a gift or a good pairing with an important meal. There are many articles on choosing and enjoying cheap wine but this is going to be about enjoying that old and rare bottle you splurged on. Whether you’re an open cellar kind of guy or a hoarder, this guide will help you when buying old Australian wine in Shanghai.


Know your Merchant


Whenever you’re going for an expensive bottle, be sure you know the vendor well. If you are dealing with a local wine merchant, you can request to see how they store their bottles of rare Australian intoxicant Shanghai. Are the bottles sitting for months at room temperature before sale or are they kept in temperature controlled cellars? You might have walked into a wine store with no air conditioning before and visited another where the temperature was constantly kept at 55 degrees. You don’t want to buy from a place where special vintage bottles are seen oozing wine under the capsule.


Ask about Origins


You want to know the origin of the rare Australian liquor Shanghai you want to purchase. How has the bottle been stored in the past and where did it come from? F you aren’t getting clear answers to this, beware. There are real cases of fraud and you don’t want to be a victim to one of them.


Inspect the Bottles Condition


Ensure you carefully examine the bottle or bottles of rare Australian alcohol Shanghai you want to buy. Reject any bottle with excess space between the cork and the liquid content or bottles that are obviously leaking. If a bottle has too much space between the cork and the bottles contents, it is an indication of oxidization. If the bottle is leaking, it is an indication of improper storage and overexposure to excessive heat.


Return Policy


Every store should have a return policy in case there are problems with your purchase. Old and rare Australian booze in Shanghai should be accepted on return if they are still corked. It is common for customers to be offered store credit for this. Inquire about cases of cooked or oxidized wine and what the store will do about it.


Decant your Wine


You will enjoy your rare Shanghai Australian wine better if you decant the bottle. Serve it at a nice temperature after this and the experience will be heavenly.




Buying wine is the favorite thing for many people. Wine lovers love to seek out new bottles and get a new experience. If you are ready to branch out into vintage bottles, use the tips mentioned above to get the best rare Australian wine Shanghai.

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