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ACYS Overview

Azle Competitive Youth Sports (ACYS) is a 501c3 non-profit corporation delivering quality, affordable competitive youth sports to the youth of Azle and surrounding areas.

ACYS Mission – Our mission is to provide the youth of Azle and surrounding areas with quality, affordable opportunities to participate in competitive youth sports. Guided by Christian values, our goal is to teach “life lessons” and develop positive character traits in our youth through competitive youth sports.

ACYS Organizational Vision – ACYS is currently building strategic partnerships and aligning with Azle ISD athletic programs. Many surrounding communities have seen the benefits of early competitive youth athletic programs. Those communities with the means and desire to see their young athletes reach their full potential in high school programs and beyond are now dominating in competition. Azle currently offers youth opportunities to participate in various sports programs designed to introduce children to particular sports. Beyond basic introduction into team sports and good intentions to ensure a fun experience, local programs designed to challenge and develop our talented athletes do not exist. ACYS is building its organization with the quality, transparency, and intensity needed to give our young athletes a competitive advantage in an already competitive region. It is our intent to develop our talented youth by giving them the tools, instruction, and opportunity to get the most out of their abilities and have a fun experience.

Azle Competitive Youth Sports (ACYS)
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Website: www.AzleCompetitiveYouthSports.com
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Upcoming Games/Practices
Saturday, February 23, 2019
St. Pierre @ Logan
Scarlato @ Ramsey
8U Boys
Montalvo @ Braswell
8U Girls
10U Boys
Herring @ Ramsey
Dorado @ DeThample
Lacabee @ Laney
10U Girls
Orebaugh 1 @ Orebaugh 2
12U Boys
Coleman 1 @ Bohannon
Syrus @ Coleman 2
12U Girls
Hammonds 2 @ Hammonds 1
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