Championship Sunday Preview:

Here it is! The day everyone has been waiting for! Championship Sunday! There will be blood, sweat, and tears on that sand box, but at the end of the day one team will be crowned Champions, and the other 3 teams will go into summer with the bitter taste of defeat. Although the guys in this league receive the majority of the attention, and the glory, lets not forget about the ladies who make this league possible. Its no secret that the 4 remaining teams happen to have great all-around girl play. And if you take a look at the NFL lately, you will find that pass rushers and tight ends are kind of a big deal. Bar A Flag Football is no different. I expect to see a lot of girl on girl action tomorrow, and usually you gotta pay double for that! But tomorrow its free, so if you're not playing stop by, have a few drinks, enjoy the sun, and watch some good quality flag football! And of course ALWAYS, ALWAYS tip your bartenders! Especially if her name is Tammie! Semi-final previews below.


Legion of Dong @ Gentlemen 11:00AM

This should be a good game between arguably the 2 loudest.... I mean most passionate teams in the league. They have grown quite familiar with each other over the years, and have delivered more than a few instant classics. I expect more of the same on Sunday. Legion's stingy defense has given the Gentlemen offense fits over the years. Forty and Greg are both very good corners, and Nick and Emmet patrol the middle of the field. Keith will need to remain cool in the pocket and not let the ferocious pass rush of Leah and Rachel rattle him. If you go back and read any of the previous preview articles on Dong, they all say pretty much the same thing. This offense will go as far as handsome, handsome, and did I say handsome Emmet takes them. And of course you cannot forget about the girls making plays underneath the coverage. But who will play QB for Legion? Zay is coming off impressive back to back wins against the Assassins and Dixie, and although some would say it was drunk talk, there were murmurs of him being the starter moving forward. And by murmurs I mean drunken yelling... as I said before this team is loud. Perhaps it will be a game time decision at QB for this one... would love to be a fly on the wall in that locker room.

Brent will undoubtedly draw the all important, but not so glorious task of having to cover Emmet. And although the competition will be fierce on the sand, I'm sure they will have a few delicious black cherry white claws with each other after the game. Rounding out the stingy Gentlemen defense are corners Craig and Kyle who have played excellent football all season to go along with a very dangerous group of pass rushers in Mary, Bri, and Carianne. Luke, who some believe is the unsung hero of this defense, will be in his usual spot patrolling the middle of the field, disrupting receivers routes and limiting opposing QBs in the run game. On offense, the Gentlemen have been rolling all season. Perhaps being screamed at less frequently by Craig has allowed Keith to elevate his play. He has been spreading the ball around to his plethora of weapons. Look for Fran to have a big game in this one, as the Gentlemen will look to take advantage of his size in the red zone.

As an unbiased commissioner, I would never pick this game.... Gentlemen 26 - Legion 14


Assassins @ We Touchdown There 12:00PM

This is a game between 2 teams who have more league championships than I can count between them. Both teams came into the season as league favorites, and so far they have not disappointed. Rumor has it though that Kyle will not be there to lead the Assassins offense tomorrow. And if true, that tilts the scales in this one from even to lopsided. Dave is a good QB, without a doubt, but Kyle's absence will be felt. The Assassins are a great team, loaded with experience and talent. Bower, Greg, and Mando will make plays at receiver, but do they have enough fire power to capture their first ever 3 peat? On defense the Assassins have both length and speed led by Cam and Wade at corner and a relentless pass rush from Allison and company. This team always seems to make the plays when they need it most, but they are facing a very hungry WTDT team who is seeking revenge after that embarrassing loss to the Assassins in last seasons' championship game.

WTDT is loaded, and I mean loaded with talent. Timmy will lead his high powered offense and look to spread the ball around to all his favorite toys. Jon, Ashante, Joe, Jaurice, WV, Keegan, Lone Survivor, etc.... how do you match up with this group of talented receivers? Their defense is equally as impressive, and stop me if you've heard this before, but its led by an excellent pass rush from Lindsey and Lauren. Dave will not sleep well tonight knowing he'll have them chasing after him all game tomorrow. And don't forget about defensive captain Dallas, who not only looks great in a crop top, but he also strikes fear into any receiver daring to cross the middle of the field against him. On paper We Touchdown There is the best team in the league. They have the speed, the size, the girls, and they have a great QB. The Assassins have had their number in the playoffs the last couple of seasons though, but WTDT gets their revenge and moves on to the championship game.

Prediction: WTDT 33 - Assassins 14


Championship - Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2 1:30PM


Just like that, another regular season of BAFF is in the books and we are on to quarterfinal Saturday. For those teams who dominated the regular season, beware. We have seen some crazy unpredictable outcomes in the opening week of playoffs before. Games that would bankrupt vegas should you have bet the underdog moneyline. We all remember (or I'd like to think we all do) the year the winless Gentlemen took down the almighty Assassins, ultimately leading to 2 Jacks winning their first title. (the look on Jack's face that night, and his dirty, game worn t-shirt, I will never forget). Those same Gentlemen a few seasons later suffered the same fate, losing as the top seed to an Octogan team with plenty of talent who figured things out come playoff time. 


With that being said, thank you for another great regular season, best of luck come playoffs and without further ado, opening round previews below. 


10AM Legion of Dong @ Dixie

A repeat of the last week of the season for each of these teams. Dixie took the victory 34-26 to secure the 4 seed and choice of possession this weekend. Both of these teams are tough to predict each week. Each side has plenty of talent and can beat anyone on any given day. Dong, with a full team, has a top defense in the league and frustrates opposing qb's. They have Emmet on offense and a veteran qb who keeps possession and eliminates turnovers. Dixie is more gifted on the offensive side of the ball and Tyler continues to make plays with his arm and legs to give his team a chance each week.

Keys to win for Dong: Can Leah frustrate tyler enough on the line and get the defense fired up. Will 40 show up for the early game time, and can Emmet take over the game on offense and give them the big play when needed. 

Keys to win Dixie: Manage the game on offense. Tyler creates and extends plays with his legs. GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS. Sure he will look to handsome Joe, but with his legs and ability to extend, the girls will be huge. If TE (name still unknown) shows up I think they win. 

Prediction: Dixie edges out Legion of Dong in the best game of the day 34-28

11AM 2Jacks@ Assassins

2 Jacks is one of those teams every year that you aren't thrilled to play come playoff time. The word that comes to mind is experience. For better or worse, Jack has lead this team year in year out for the better part of a decade. If you don't know Rus, you just don't care about BAFF. The two aren't always on the same page, but when they are, watch out because that is a duo that is nearly impossible to stop. Assassins are the Assassins. There is a reason they have more championships than some teams have wins in their BAFF careers. Another veteran team that knows how to get the job done come playoff time. Kyle spreads the ball around, Greg, Armando, Bower, Cam, it doesn't matter who runs the route, the ball will be where it needs to be. 

Keys to win for Jack's: Get the big stops on defense, bend don't break, and get a little bit of luck with some incomplete passes deep. Offense goes as Rus goes and we should have a good idea early as to the outcome. 

Keys to win for Assassins: Be themselves, move the ball, get fresh legs, make plays on defense. Don't beat themselves and they are going to be tough to beat. It would be a shock to not see them championship weekend. 
Prediction: Close early with Assassins taking over in the second half. Assassins 40-Jacks 18


12PBack That Pass Up@ We Touchdown There

Tell me if you've heard this before, but BTPU is talented. If I am WTDT I am by no means afraid of this matchup, but I also don't think they can look ahead. WTDT since joining the league has been nothing short of a top 2 team year in, year out. They expect to play and win in the last game of the year each season. IF, and that's a big IF as both teams have been somewhat limited on bodies this year, we see two complete teams this one could be fun. Brazil, AJ, and co will make it interesting. Timmy will be tough to stop on offense and they have athletes with Ashante, Jon, WV and a veteran LB in Dallas. As much as I wanted to go a whole season without mentioning him, the guy shows up every week, is a fan favorite, and does great work with cropping photos.

Keys to win BTPU: Have a full squad, have their qb make plays with his feet and avoid the onslaught of pressure from WTDT girls. You have to take away Timmy's top talent and make him beat you another way. 

Keys to win WTDT: Offense moves the ball and spreads it around. They will have mismatches and if Timmy can't force it and has to let the game come to him. The girls, LZ and Lindsay, will need to keep BTPU contained. If he can dance around and make plays with his feet, it will be interesting. 

Prediction: WTDT is too talented and knows what to do come playoff time. WTDT 42-20

1PM Rumbuckets vs Gentlemen

Rumbuckets struggled this year to get a full team on the field. They had glimpses of success, but ultimately it is tough to say who they really are. Gentlemen have shown one of the best defenses in recent memory. The big asterisk here is that they did face Assassins without Kyle, although Dave is no slouch, and WTDT without many of their weapons. That said, this defense is good. Brent has locked down every team's number 1 and if they are going to be beat, it will have to be elsewhere. Let's not forget about Talbot playing over the top at safety and with their new added depth,  alot of fresh legs and new ladies Mary Bri who join veteran Carianne who have been getting pressure on opposing qb's all year long. They may not get the recognition they deserve, but those defensive numbers wouldn't be where they are without them. 

Keys to win Rumbuckets: Show up with enough guys to play, avoid making mistakes, move the ball and keep possession. I wish I could say more, but we haven't seen their entire team yet this year. 

Keys to win Gentlemen: Show up, take care of business, advance and move on. Eliminate turnovers and pull away early, don't let Rumbuckets hang around and make it interesting. 

Prediction: No comment from the commish, but Gentlemen win 48-6.