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Its the time of year again, oh yes the winter classic! The only difference this year is that the games actually count for points in the regular season! plus, in case you have yet played in a winter classic game every team will play each other once this year! These games will be taking place in January and it'll be fun!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new and improved ball hockey league! This year the league will be starting early and kicked off with three winter classic games between all three teams! All games will be taking place in January probably all on the same date! All teams from the previous league should have remained nearly the same although some changes have been made to fix up the league! Good luck to all the teams and have fun!





            Ottawa Senators                Montreal Canadiens                Pittsburgh Penguins

          C-Brandon Dupuis                  C-Noah Dupelle                         C-Nolan Pitts

                 Caleb Filial                         Jakob Hughes                       Sebastian Dionne

            Benjamin Dupuis                      Emmet Pitts                             Chris Cloutier

               Emily Carson                     Carter McDonald                              Keenan  

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