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  • Ball Up Fitzpatrick

        Workouts for all ages between 6-14 will be held at any court for your convenience. 

  • Individual Ball Handling Workouts (consists of all aspects of handling the basketball) 25$ a session

  • Individual Shooting Workouts (consists of specifically working on form and mechanics for the perfect shot!) 25$ a session

  • Individual All Around Workouts(works on all aspects of the game, ball handling, shooting, passing, defense.) 30$ a session

       Small Group Workouts will be held for all ages                                                  

      Prices: 50$ each for 2

                  45$ each for 3

                  35$ each for 4

                  25$ each for 5 or more

          Team workouts will comprehend 3 things: Teamwork, plays for their team, and team skill development.