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Barron Youth Volleyball


Registration for the 2019 season will be in Feburary 2019!  

Watch for details!


Please review Volleyball Club Handbook and Expectations for this upcoming season. 

This will be part of the agreement that you will find in the registration form when completed.   If you have further questions regarding below, please feel free to speak to Brooke Schauf (715-541-1927) or David Smith (715-418-1903)


Volunteer Requirement:

  • There will be at least one tournament which we will be hosting.  It is a requirement that you help during one tournament.  If you choose not to help at a tournament, you will be assessed an additional $50 fee in order for your daughter to participate in future league play/practices.  Money from admissions and concessions sales at these tournaments is what allows our volleyball program to exist.  With everyone's help, your required time commitment for these tournaments will consist of only one day throughout the season.

Grievience Policy:

  • If problems should arise throughout the season, please take them directly to your child's coach with intent of peaceful resolution. If a peaceful agreement/understanding cannot be reached, then contact the club president.  It's easy to complain, but it's more important to support a program that supports our kids...even if you don't agree with every decision that is made.   
  • Any grievance by a parent should be brought to the attention of the following "Chain of Command."
        1. Child talks with coach
        2. Child and parent meet with coach & a board member
        3. Board President
        4. Board of Directors
        5. City Recreation Director
        6. City of Barron Recreation Council
  • Playing time is not a subject that is up for discussion; playing time is at the coach's discretion. The game of volleyball does not have equal playing time due to the nature of the game.
  • In the 4th-6th grades, your daughter should see some playing time.  Attending practices and attitude are factored in and can affect playing time; coaches can make these decisions at any level. Playing time at the 7th & 8th grade level is competitive; there is no guarantee of playing time. 
  • If a matter is not handled following these steps, your daughter will be immediately suspended from play until the matter is reconciled. This will involve you as a parent and your athlete meeting with the coach and the volleyball board at a time that is convenient for the coach. Our coaches are volunteers, and they are valuable to us - let's appreciate them and not critique them in the stands.  Anyone can be a critic. Please be a positive, supportive parent.  
  • Attend tournaments with the intent of supporting our girls and coaches in a positive manner; represent our community with class and good sportsmanship. Our girls are always watching us...

7th and 8th Grade Tryouts

Riverview Middle School

Friday, February 9th

3:30 - 5:30 pm


Teams will be decided that night. 

Athletes will be informed of the team made individually and confidentially. 

*  *  *  *  *

4-6th grade will not have tryouts. Teams will be decided pending number of players and at the coaches discretion.



Barron Youth Volleyball 4th - 8th Grade


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Registration opens February 9th - 23rd. 

Registration and WIVL Medical/Concussion Waiver MUST BOTH be filled out online. 

Deadline is FEBRUARY 23rd for final registrations

due to league requirements.



Credit Card accepted online payment 

or hand in payment at Parent meeting.

 *  *  *  *  * 

7/8th grade tryouts were previously held on Feb 8th.  

All players and a parent  mandatory signup night and parent meeting was 

Tuesday, February 20th 

6:00 pm in the Riverview Commons

Please contact Brooke Schauf for any further questions.


*  *  *  *  *

Save time by signing up prior to Mandatory Parent Meeting:

1) Sign up online. All registrations will be online here.  Registration window is Feb 9th - 23rd.

2) Pay online by Credit Card or bring payment to Mandatory Parent Meeting. Credit Card payment is not accepted at meeting.

3) Read and Sign WIVL/GNBL Medical and Concussion Waiver - THIS IS ALSO ONLINE!  Follow the link!

4)  Mandatory Volunteer Check for $50 must be separate from registration payment. BRING TO MEETING.

5) Come excited for a new season!   

Check out the Fan Shop link! 

Proceeds go back to the Barron Youth Volleyball!


Have a great season!   GO GOLDEN GIRLS!