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Masahiro Tanaka is reviled today as a Yankee

February 11, 2014


Today in New York the Yankee's were proud to present the 25 year old out of Japan, Masahiro Tanaka to the big leagues. The Yankees signed him to a seven year, 155 million dollar contract which comes with the belief that he will be a star on their roster for years to come. He has a dangerous splitter that by many scouts is already considered one of the best in the league. Last season in Japan he went 24-0 with an astonding 1.27 ERA. Even with these numbers, he will start off most likely in the No.3 slot in the rotation behind CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda. It should be very interesting to see how he handles the bright lights of New York City and how he adapts to the culture here in America. Although, he flew into NYC for 195,000 dollars so he understands how to fly in with style, just how America likes it.