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Batting for Betty

Stroke Awareness COED Tournament


Welcome to the Batting for Betty CoEd One Pitch Tournament website. This tournament has been structured around the importance of stroke awareness. My goal is to not only raise money but to educate the community about stroke victims as well as their families.

This is a very special tournament for my family and me. My grandma, Betty had a massive stroke 5 years ago leaving her handicap in more ways than one. Although we are blessed to still have her in our lives, we lost a great part of her mental and physically capabilities. This illness devastated my family and has forever changed our lives. The once independent woman now had to rely on her entire family just for her every day needs.

Most people who have never experienced primary care of a stroke victim do not realize what this entails. Even though cases may vary, it takes a physical, emotional, and financial toll on everyone. Luckily, my family has all come together to be able to care for my grandma in the comfort of her own home. Pitching in whatever way possible to help not only my grandma but my grandpap too. My pap will be turning 76 this year and he is the primary caregiver for gram. He does everything for her without hesitation. My grandpap has showed so much patience and kindness for his wife though all her mental and physical obstacles. Lots of families do not have such a man, husband, father, brother, or uncle that would make these sacrifices for a loved one. Pap has shown us nothing but strength and dedication to his wife and my grandma it has inspired me to organize this tournament.

The Batting for Betty charity tournament is not just about softball but about bringing a community together for a cause that impacts millions of Americans every year. With the help of my family and friends we are expecting this tournament to be a great success. In fact, I would never settle for anything less than a great tournament.

Thank you for taking the time to hear about my family and my influences which have motivated me to start the first annual Batting for Betty Stroke Awareness Tournament!


Me and Grandma!