• The harder you work the harder it gets for your opponent
  • To play as a team the players must learn to intergrate and coordinate their movements
  • There is no substitute for hard work
  • Playing time is earned not guaranteed
  •      ****Basketball doesn't build character. It reveals it.****

  • Monstar Basketball
  • Monstarz Basketball
  • Monstar Basketball
  • Monstar Basketball
  • Monstar Basketball
  • Monstar Basketball
  • Monstar Basketball
  • Monstarz Basketball
  • Monstar Basketball
  • Monstar Basketball

My Expectations are that you will do something extra 

To make yourself a better player 

and make us a better team 



Bay Area Monstarz are here


Bay Area Monstarz Coaching staff have been busy running All Star United afterschool recreational league K-8th grade 

Bay Area Monstarz Coaching Staff move to the Evergreen united afterschool program 


Bay Area Monstarz  coaches are actively involved in teaching /  coaching after school in the Evergreen school district . Currently coaching for ALLSTAR UNITED EDUCATION FOUNDATION K-8th  www.allstarsu,com  for more information 

They practice afterschool and play games on Sunday Mornings 9-12 based on the age group If you have a son or daughter who would like to play please register Always looking for new players 

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where  athletes can have fun and learn the valuable lessons youth sports can teach them. 



Inbounds Rules

1. Try to deflect inbounds pass with on ball pressure and active hands.

2. If ball goes below block, double team 1st pass.

3. If ball goes above block, get above the ball.

On Ball Rules

4. Force the speed dribble (pressure the ball).

5. Once you're on the ball, that's your man until it's passed.

6. When you get beat, cut the ball or back tip.

Off Ball Rules

6. Hit (look to trap) the ball if they speed dribble at you.

7. If a teammate cuts the ball, look to double.

8. Look to double in prime trap spots (half court and corners).

9. Always go with the cutter.

10. You have to be above the ball.

Trapping Rules

11. If they dribble into the trap and pass right away, run and jump.

12. Stay in your trap until the ball is passed.

13. SPRINT out of traps (as ball comes out of finger tips).

14. Always have 2 interceptors and 1 player protecting the basket.

General Rules

15. Have active high hands (get deflections).

16. Switch all screens.

17. Do NOT foul.


All stars United Basketball when the gym is not an option 







New Season new athletes

New Season 2013 Added 5th 6th Grade Boy Program coming soon to a GYM Near you

All i need is 5 BAY AREA MONSTARZ

BAM BATTLED THIS WEEKEND IN THEIR FIRST TOURNAMENT GOING 2-1 losing to a big Orinda Magic team..... AWESOME overall  play considering we Played the Championship game  with only 5 Considering it was 5-5 13

May 5, 2012

Monstarz Tournament was a success this weekend Featuring teams from the North South East and West Bay Area Cal Ballaz San Jose Warriors West Coast Xtreme Gilroy Warriors and the Southbay Elite .... The Monstarz split the tournament going 2-2 in 4 close classic games

Bay Area Monstarz

April 29, 2012

Bay Area Monstarz win by 2 against the Shasta Magic the eventual Tournament winner in a close game at Hardwood palace in Rocklin the Monstarz never trailed in this game Coming off 2 losses prior to this game the Monstarz featured a balance attack with tough defense and a running offense that was too much for the Magic to handle Samantha Rudd scored 16 points but the game winner came off of Brianna Barons's 2 free throws to seal the victory

Modesto Magic

May 12, 2012

Monstarz are in Modesto on Saturday for a 1 day tournament featuring teams from all over the Bay Area

Surf City Slam

April 14, 2012

Bay Area Monstarz go 1-2 in their first tournament featuring 7 returning players from last seasons team The Monstarz balanced attack and defense kept the 2 loses close losing by 6 in the both came down to free throws and missed opportunities. Proving the Monstarz will a force to reckoned with