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Weather: Parents please confer with your coach as it comes to weather related issues
We will communicate with them as we have any information
If BAPS closes we do not have access to the school gyms as a rule (practice issues)
Season Information Doc Click here for a pdf of details for the season

 To reach us by EMAIL 
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A few Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I get the multiple player discount? 
Either at the time of registration if you are paying in full (if you have not registered please note sibling in comments), or when you return to complete payment
Change the amount you are paying according to the discount to be applied.
(the system doesn't recognize siblings)
My Child Attends a Private School outside of BAPS is he eligible?
Please send an email with details for prior authorization we have districts related to the school district attended.  Generally we do not accept players not attending the BAPS district.

Who attends the combine?
All players who are 1) new to INBC or 2) who do not wish to return to last season's team
We will be unavailable to attend the combine can we still play? 
                                  Yes, but will be randomly placed with a team, coaches cant select player out right.
If we were on a team last year do we need to attend the combine?
Not if your team is returning this year be sure to check the week prior if you do not hear previously
We do not want to return to the team we were on last season, what do I do?
There are questions on the registration to this end, also note in the comments sections as a confirmation.
Remember you will need to attend the combine this season.
Our link to the game schedules/standings
is sometimes blocked by computer security settings
you may access that directly at  
BAABA only has the fall season, registration info is typically posted in August 

 To reach us by EMAIL 
If you have further questions please send a email with your inquiry to
 Thank you,
BAABA Office Manager

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