Weather Questions/Answers


Plans are being formulated for the reschedule.

Brackets are being reworked and hopefully will be on the site later this afternoon
stay flexible Thanks for your patience, we're not enjoying this either!

Tournament Schedule is on the INBC website under "News"
Check it often, there are corrections being made & I may NOT know about it!!!
Top of Bracket is Home Team
Specific Tournament Rules are posted in the drop down
The new site format has changed how things are found..,
you'll find "handouts" Team Codes/Tournament Rules ect Under Forms now
Our link to the game schedules/standings
is sometimes blocked by computer security settings
you may access that directly at  
BAABA only has the fall season, registration info is typically posted in August 

 To reach us by EMAIL 
If you have further questions please send a email with your inquiry to
 Thank you,
BAABA Office Manager
918-251-1015 x250

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