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Second Round Coach Pitch Playoff Matchups

Congrats on all the teams that have advanced to the second round! The updated bracket is found below.

2019 Coach Pitch Playoff Bracket Now Live!

The first round of the coach pitch playoffs begin this weekend on Saturday June 29. The bracket can be viewed below. Seeding was determined by random draw as per our rules. For any other questions, please contact the Coach Pitch Coordinator Hieu Tran at your convenience. Thank you all for a great regular season and good luck in the playoffs!

4/26/19 - Parade tomorrow CANCELLED

Unfortunately, we are expecting very cold and rainy weather tomorrow morning. As such, we will be cancelling the parade this year. We will not be able to reschedule as all Saturday until the end of the season are occupied by games and the parade route must be booked long in advance. Our apologies for all of those looking forward to our annual parade!

We will still be having pictures at the Annerino Center. Your coaches will be in contact with you concerning when you need to arrive. In general, the times you should arrive depend on what level your team is at and are set as follows:

  • Little Tees: Please arrive at 9 AM.
  • Tee-Ball: Please arrive at 9:30 AM.
  • Coach Pitch: Please arrive at 10 AM.

There are some exceptions to this, and if you are on one of those teams, your coach will alert you directly. Please be there dressed in full uniform! We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Handling Rain Out Situations

Because of the unfortunate weather we have been having, it is important to remember the process the board follows when presented with potential cancellations. 

For Saturday Games the board members will be at the fields very early to try and make them playable. If they cannot be salvaged, the board will make phone calls to the head coaches of the teams who's games have been canceled. In addition, the board will reach out to the teams scheduled to umpire as well. Remember, just because one game slot was canceled does not mean all games have been. Coaches, please wait to hear from the board before assuming your game has been canceled. Parents, please stay in contact with your head coaches with these matters.

For weeknight games, the park district works the fields for the league. If they are not able to get the fields to a condition they feel are acceptable, the park district tells the league that games are to be canceled. At this point the board member on duty will call head coaches who are responsible for reaching out to their parents. 

The board will always inform the head coaches of cancellations with ample amount of time to inform their teams. Please remember to not call board members directly, because that person may or may not be on duty and will likely not be able to provide you with accurate information. Always wait to hear from your head coach, who will be contacted when the call has been made to cancel games.