Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Registration is Open

The Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Association registration for the 2020 Tee-Ball season is now open!   The season will start in April with playoffs running into July.

Bolingbrook Tee-Ball offers three divisions:

Little Tees

For kids that will be 4 years old.   This is a great way to introduce your little one to the game of baseball. Taking place on Friday evenings your little one will learn the basics of Tee-Ball/baseball by playing structured games and having tons of fun along the way!


For kids aged 5 and 6.  Tee-Ball is designed to focus on the development of all players and promote an environment of fun and Sportsmanship. Our big change this year for Tee-Ball is that we will introduce a coach pitch element to game. Here is how it will work: The first three games of the season will be played as it has in the past, players will put the ball in play with the use of a tee. The remaining games will use a coach pitcher. The batter will have three tries to get the ball in play, at that point a tee will be brought out for them to hit from.

There will be a post-season playoff system to determine the champion.  The Tee-Ball Classic game will be the championship game of the playoffs.

Coach Pitch/Kid Pitch

For kids aged 7 and 8.  This division was formerly called Coach Pitch. Beginning with the 2020 season, it will be known as Coach Pitch/Kid Pitch. As you can tell by the name we will be introducing a kid pitch element to the game!

The first three games will be played with a certified coach pitcher as it has been in years past. Beginning with the 4th game there will be kid pitchers. There will be certain instances where a coach pitcher may be brought in to assist. We will be using proper rest periods and inning counts for the pitchers.


There will be post-season playoff system to determine the champion.  We are also introducing a new All-Star game this year.


Kids 9 years and older

We invite you to check out our friends at Bolingbrook Youth Baseball League 

Coach Pitch/ Kid Pitch Families,

On behalf of Bolingbrook Tee Ball Association, I would like to welcome you to the 2020 season, Coach/Kid Pitch division.  We are very excited to kick off this season with many changes to our program.  With the attempt to keep every team balanced, we are having a mandatory EVALUATIONS this Saturday, February 29th.   We have divided the division in four different groups, based off the first letter of your last name.  These groups will determine the time to arrive at the Community Center.   We will be putting the players through various drill type scenarios to allow the board and coaches a chance to properly evaluate each player.

We hope everyone can make it, but we understand that prior commitments may have already been made.  If the assigned time does not work or if the date does not work, please email the Coach Pitch Coordinator, Hieu Tran at to make alternative arrangements.  


Bolingbrook Community Center 

Building A 

201 Canterbury Drive

Bolingbrook, Il 60440


If your last name starts with A-D, your time is 7:30 AM

If your last name starts with E-M, your time is 8:30 AM

If your last name starts with N-R, your time is 9:30 AM

If your last name starts with S-Z, your time is 10:30 AM


Please bring the following items:

Gym shoes-  NO CLEATS

a baseball glove

a bat if you have one, it's OK if you do not have one

a birth certificate to validate birth dates


PLEASE NOTE- this is only for Coach Pitch/Kid Pitch players.  The other two divisions will NOT have evaluations.


Thank you!

Hieu Tran

CKP Coordinator



Our Last in-Person Registration will be on February 29th 730am to noon at the Bolingbrook Community Center during our Coach Pitch/Kid Pitch Evaluations.

If your child will be 9 years of age, born before 9/1/11 we invite you to check out our friends at Bolingbrook Youth Baseball League 

Welcome to the home of the

Bolingbrook Tee Ball Association

Opening Day
Saturday, April 25, 2020   9:00 AM