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**FINAL Playoff Results**

February 11, 2019
Girls Varsity Bracket
Result from 2/7/19 at Highland - Holy Family 35   St. James 16
Championship game - Holy Family 28   St. Vincent/Blessed Sacrament 33  - Saturday 2/9/19
Congratulations to the St. Vincent/Blessed Sacrament - Our 2018-19 BCCYO Girls Varsity Champions!
Modified Boys Bracket-B
Results from 2/7/19
At St. Thomas - St. Thomas 33    Our Lady of Sorrows 24
At Highland - Holy Family-blk 35   St. Joseph's 28
Championship game - Holy Family-blk 23   St. Thomas 42 - Saturday 2/9/19
Congratulations to St. Thomas - our 2018-19 BCCYO Modified "B" Champions!
Modified Boys Bracket-A
Results from 2/7/19
At Sts. John/Andrew - Sts John/Andrew 56   St. Patrick's 27
At St. James - St. James 76   Holy Family-wht 49
Championship game - St. James 49   Sts John/Andrew  34  - Saturday 2/9/19 
Congratulations to St. James - our 2018-19 BCCYO Modified "A" Champions!
JV Boys Bracket-B
Results from 2/7/19
At St. Joe's - St. Joseph's 51   St. Vincent/Blessed Sacrament 44
At OLGC - OLGC-org 60   St. Francis-wht 54
Championship game - OLGC-org 48   St. Joseph's 51  - Sunday 2/10/19
Congratulations to St. Joseph's - our 2018-19 BCCYO JV "B" Champions!
JV Boys Bracket-A
Results from 2/7/19
At St. Thomas - St. Thomas 49   Bing. Boys Club 41
At OLGC - OLGC-blue 55   St. Patrick's 41
Championship game - OLGC-blue 43     St. Thomas 46- Sunday 2/10/19
Congratulations to St. Thomas - our 2018-19 BCCYO JV "A" Champions!
Varsity Boys Bracket-B
Results from 2/7/19
At Sts. John/Andrew - Sts. John/Andrew 63   St. Francis 49
At OLGC - OLGC 55   Holy Family-wht 39
Championship game - OLGC 49   Sts. John/Andrew  34 - Sunday 2/10/19
Congratulations to Our Lady of Good Counsel - our 2018-19 BCCYO Boys Varsity "B" Champions!
Varsity Boys Bracket-A
Results from 2/7/19
At St. Thomas - St. Thomas 82  St. Joseph's 46
At St. Patrick's - St. Vincent/Blessed Sacrament 62   St. Patrick's 60
Championship game - St. Vincent/Blessed Sacrament 68  St. Thomas 74 - Sunday 2/10/19
Congratulations to St. Thomas - our 2018-19 BCCYO Boys Varsity "A" Champions!
- Thank you all!

Playoff Schedule 2018-2019


January 16, 2019

FROM: Tim Linehan, Chairman Gaffney Scholarship


Southern Tier Basketball Officials (STBO) is pleased to sponsor the Thirty Third Annual CARL GAFFNEY Scholarship Awards.

These awards are given in the name of CARL GAFFNEY, former educator, basketball official and long time officer in STBO. Mr. Gaffney has been associated with STBO for 67 years, and has been recognized as a Life Member of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO).

Mr. Gaffney has had profound impact on the success of STBO. To date STBO has awarded $29,000 to High School basketball players in scholarship awards since 1987.

All academically deserving, graduating, senior basketball players are eligible.

An award of $500 to one boy and girl will be announced at the year-end business meeting on March 20, 2019. Please distribute this application to ALL boy and girl players interested in competing for these awards.

Direct all questions to Tim Linehan, Scholarship Chairman – 607 -205-2148 or tlinehan54@gmail.com.

Gaffney Scholarship Memo

Gaffney Scholarship Requirements

Application Part 1

Application Part 2


October 24, 2018




On behalf of the 2018-2019 season staff, we welcome you to this site and encourage all Moderators, Coaches, Athletes, Parents and Fans to become active participants in this long standing positive program for our youth.


2018-2019 Staff

Deacon Tom Harley, Director - director@bccyo.org

Tara ConnellyBasketball Coordinator - basketball@bccyo.org

for all Basketball related inquiries basketball@bccyo.org

Julie ConroyCheerleading Coordinator - cheer@bccyo.org

for all Cheer related inquiries cheer@bccyo.org

John PaulinMarketing Coordinator - marketing@bccyo.org

for all Website, Sponsorship, or Communications related inquiries marketing@bccyo.org

Bill Berg/Brian CartieExecutive Panel - execpanel@bccyo.org




1. To encourage fairness, compassion, honesty and cooperation through recreational activities;

2. To encourage a respect for authority and a respect for the dignity of others;

3. To encourage sportsmanship and self-control in the face of adversity;

4. Principles of fair play and sportsmanship govern all games, practices, and scrimmages;

5. Promote competitiveness with the idea that playing and learning is more important than winning – at all levels.




The mission of BCCYO is to provide the highest quality programs to our young people. We are committed to provide these programs based on integrity, fair play and the right of all individuals to participate. We view our responsibility as extending far beyond the mere teaching of athletic skills. Our programs offer the opportunity to develop moral standards in all of our young people.


The administration and staff of BCCYO will do everything in our power to act in the best interest of our participants and our programs. BCCYO has the final authority to make all decisions regarding player eligibility and rules and regulations.


"The Catholic Youth Organization strives to develop values and strength of character in tomorrow’s leaders through spiritually based athletic, cultural and volunteer activities."


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