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BCSA 2020 HS Softball Season Officials
Next Meeting/Training Session
Mon, March 30, 2020, Nova HS Media Center, 7pm


Fellow Umpires,

The 2020 High School Softball Season is underway. There are only three meetings left, so email will be the main way we communicated.

We have some new Board members and hope to improve or training and meetings to meet the needs of Broward softball umpires. As umpires in Broward County we see the more competitive contests on a regular basis than any other county in the state. That we can officiate these games is something we all should be proud of and thankful for the opportunity. Along with that honor comes a responsibility to constantly strive to get better at what we do. That takes training. Training both on the field and in the classroom. Those who participate in the training sessions can be expected to be rewarded for their efforts.

As president, together with your elected board of directors, I will try to make changes reflecting the concerns many of you have expressed in the past.  We are working on many initiatives to address the issues brought up last season.  It would be extremely helpful if, before the next meeting, you take the time to drop me an email with what you see as the biggest issues I should tackle first. My email address is:

My phone number is 561-789-1710

Please feel free to send me any and all suggestions. 

Rob Cheslow


The Media Center (aka Library) is located near the back of campus. If the gate is closed, just pull on it as it's unlocked at that time of night. If a police officer/school resource officer is on duty let him/her know you're with the umpire group. They are aware of our meetings.