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What Would It Be Like...Without Changes

Just letting you know that a couple of games have been added. The 10U Girls (Pino's) will travel to Powhatan this Sat. to Flat Rock Elem. School to play the girls from the YMCA at 9:00 am. Right afterward, the 15U Girls (Route 20 Market) will play at the same location.

The 15U Co-Ed Team (Amos Trucking) will play a Nottoway team (Exchange Club) at 4:00 pm instead of 2:00 pm. And 15U Co-Ed Central VA Exterminating will play Nottoway (Eagle Club) at 1;00 pm. The location of that game is a Home game at the Buckingham County Middle School. I will post any other changes.



Upcoming Games

The Buckingham County Youth League has a lot of games leading up to the weekend and after the weekend as well. The only thing...they are all AWAY games.

The 15U Girls (Route 20 Market) took a Loss from the Calvary Christian School last night  37-20. Right afterwards the 15U Co-Ed team (Amos Trucking) played and put a "W" in their Win/Loss column by defeating Calvary Christian School 55-41.


The 10U Girls (Pino's) will travel to play Cumberland's 10U Girls team tomorrow.

The next games to be played will be on Saturday with 15U Girls (Rt. 20 Market) traveling to Powhatan and the rest of the teams going to Nottoway. Games will be played at Nottoway High School.

Sunday and Monday we have teams going to Scottsville. So check on your teams page to get dates and times. Also, the games on Monday was just added.


Game Mix-up in Buckingham, Powhatan and Nottoway

To our parents, fans, coaches and players...sorry for the mix-up in the scheduling of games. It seems Buckingham had the major problems, but other counties went through the same. Powhatan has some earlier problems and well as games in Nottoway. Majority of the games was played and we had a good day of youth league basketball throughout central Virginia.

The season is winding down and we (BCYL Administration) is looking ahead to the All-Star Tournaments. However, there is still regular season games to be played. So coaches and players you need to concentrate on upcoming games. There have been some cancel games that well be made up so look for these games to be added. The other counties administration and Myself have gotten together and we will contact each other to make sure we don't have this...Mix-up again.

To some of my parents...I am punishing myself by doing the push-ups.


Youth League Knight

Buckingham Girls vs Bluestone

Youth League Knight for the Buckingham County Youth League and the county's Upward program where the youth league players could watch the Buckingham County High School Girls JV basketball team defeat Bluestone 41-13 and the Girls Varsity finished the night with a 33-22 victory.

Tomorrow night the county's youth can watch the Boy go against Randolph-Henry.




Upcoming Games and Games Today

What a wonderful day for basketball today. In spite of going 3-3 for the day, it was a lot of good basketball. Really close games with teams getting their first "W" and "L" of the season. And we have two of our 15U teams (Girls and Co-Ed) making a trip across the street to the Nazarene Camp to play the Calvary Christian School on Monday.

Also I want to apologize to the 15U Central Va. Exterminating team for the mix up on the schedule sending the team to Scottsville when the game was set to play here in Buckingham at the Middle School. I will look over and make sure that won't happen again.


   DATE      TIME     AGE     DIV             HOME                       VISITOR                 RESULTS   
Sat. Jan 27 9:00 am 12U Co-Ed Glenmore Country Store Scottsville        W 32-24
Sat. Jan 27 10:00 am 10U Co-Ed CVM Scottsville         L 14-16
Sat. Jan 27 11:00 am 10U Girls Pino's Scottsville          L 6-14
Sat. Jan 27 12:00 pm 15U Co-Ed Central VA Ext Scottsville         L 36-39
Sat. Jan 27 1:00 pm 10U Girls Pino's (Double Header) Powhatan YMCA         W 21-3
Sat. Jan 27 2:00 pm 15U Girls Rt. 20 Market Calvary Christian School        W 31-12
Tues. Jan 29 6:00 pm 15U Girls Calvary Christian School Rt. 20 Market L 38-27
Tues. Jan 29 7:00 pm 15U Co-Ed Calvary Christian School Central VA Ext L 40-34

Youth League


Has been change to another "Knight"

Up above on the Main Menu, go to the "Page" tab and click down on "Youth League Knight" or click here for more information


Changes to Schedule

I have made some changes to the schedule in the past couple of days. I am not really trying to confuse the good parents and fans of our BCYL Basketball community. But there was some changes that had to be made to benefit the children of our program. So check to see what changes have been made for you team.

Just got a call from Powhatan YMCA. The games with the 12U Girls is still on tomorrow at 9:00 am. However, they don't have enough girls for the Girls 15U game that was suppose to be at 10:00am. That game has been cancelled.


Games From Last Weekend


January 19, 2018

Games Scheduled Tomorrow...It's a "Go"!

Just want to keep the community informed on games scheduled tomorrow at the Buckingham County Middle School. It's a "Go" for tomorrow.

I will be contacting Powhatan and Scottsville, but we are planning on conducting our games as planned.



January 14, 2018

Games This Past Weekend



     DATE         TIME       AGE GRP       DIVISION            HOME         VISITOR          RESULTS   
Tues. Jan 16
6:00 pm 15U Girls Calvary Christian School Rt. 20 Market
L 39-24
Tues. Jan 16 7:00 pm 15U Co-Ed  Calvary Christian School 
Amos Trucking
W 28-32
Sat. Jan 20 9:00 am   10U Co-Ed  Olympic Hair 
W 12-10
 Sat. Jan 20  10:00 am   10U  Girls  Pino's 
W 23-10
Sat. Jan 20 11:00 am 
 12U  Co-Ed  Rt. 20 Market
Scottsville  W 46-43 OT
Sat. Jan 20  12:00 pm    12U    Co-Ed  Glenmore Country Store 
L 35-32
Sat. Jan 20 1pm & 3pm   15U    Co-Ed  Central VA Ext. (Double Header) 
Scottsville & CCS

W 38-22

W 51-37

Sat. Jan 20   2:00 pm   15U   Co-Ed  Amos Trucking
L 29-30

CCS - Calvary Christian School

Games this Past Weekend


As for the games this weekend, the Powhatan YMCA came to visit and play our Buckingham 12U. The 15U Girls from Powhatan YMCA couldn't get a full team, so the 12U girls from the Powhatan YMCA played BCYL 12U Girls in a double header game. By looking at the "Results" below...the 12U Lady Knights played well. 

     DATE         TIME       AGE GRP       DIVISION            HOME         VISITOR          RESULTS    
Sat, Jan 13
10:00 am 12U Girls Prince Construction Powhatan
W 42-0
Sat, Jan 13 11:00 am 12U Girls Prince Construction
W 25-3
Sat, Jan 13 12:00 pm 10U Girls Glenmore Country Store
Sat, Jan 13 1:00 pm 10U Co-Ed CVM
Central VA Ext.
Sat, Jan 13 2:00 pm
15U Co-Ed Amos Trucking
Central VA Ext. 26-23

Changes to Look for this Upcoming Week

With the Buckingham County Schools being closed for Dr. Martin Luther King Birthday on Monday, and the Buckingham County High Boys JV and Varsity Basketball team hosting the Central of Lunenburg on Tuesday, the Buckingham County Youth League will not be allowed to have a practice on these days. We can get the gyms (High and Middle School) on for right now. 

The BCHS Girls JV and Varsity will host Bluestone and the BCMS will be conducting a Spelling Bee on Thursday of this upcoming week. So both gyms will not be available for us on Jan. 18, 2018. And as some of you are aware, we were going to finish taking Individual and Team pictures on that date. We are planning on another date, so look for this change pretty soon.

Meanwhile, I have added more games to our 15U Girls and Co-Ed teams with the Calvary Christian School. So look at your teams pages to get updated games, dates and times. Check on the Practice Schedule to see  what teams have practice this week and where. Again...we have six practice spots this week in the public schools and the BCYL have 11 teams with games coming up the following weekend. The Buckingham County Middle School will play their final game next week and that will give us more practice spot in the near future.




Buckingham County Youth League

Winter Cheerleading 


Click here to go to the BCYL Winter Cheerleaders' page


1st Games of the 2018 Season is in the books; BCYL goes10-2

With little practice this past week due to the Buckingham County Public Schools basketball games and with very little gym space for our 11 teams. The Buckingham County Youth League showed up in their games this weekend against the Prince Edward teams that travel to us on Saturday. And against the Scottsville teams the following day.

     DATE         TIME       AGE GRP       DIVISION            HOME         VISITOR          RESULTS   
Sat, Jan 6
9:00 am 10U Co-Ed CVM Progressive Therapy
W 20-13
Sat, Jan 6 10:00 am 10U Co-Ed Olympic Hair
Fourth St Motors
L 8-15
Sat, Jan 6 11:00 am 10U Co-Ed Central VA Ext.
Custom Floors
W 15-8
Sat, Jan 6 12:00 pm 12U Co-Ed Glenmore Country Store
Centra SCH
W 43-25
Sat, Jan 6 1:00 pm
12U Co-Ed Route 20 Market W 27-15
Sat, Jan 6 2:00 pm 12U Co-Ed Glenmore Country Store
3 Oak Pet Resort
W 31-14
Sat, Jan 6 3:00 pm 15U Co-Ed Amos Trucking
VA Smoove Rydaz
L 29-33 OT
Sat, Jan 6 4:00 pm 15U Co-Ed Central VA Ext
VA Smoove Rydaz
W 43-25


     Sun, Jan 7         2:30 pm          10U                  Girls            Holistic Pest  
 Glenmore Country Store        W 23-6    
     Sun, Jan 7    3:30 pm       10U     Co-Ed         Lumpkins               CVM    W 25-18
     Sun, Jan 7    4:30 pm       12U     Co-Ed      Monticello Air
      Route 20 Market
   W 39-33
     Sun, Jan 7    5:30 pm       15U     Co-Ed   Lawn Enforcement 
        Amos Trucking    W 32-28

Players Added to Teams

If you don't know who's or what team your child is a part of...I have added the player's name to their team's roster. So you can check to see when the next time you will have a game and the venue.



Teams Assembled for Co-Ed Teams

We have placed all of our players with their coaches for our Co-Ed/Boys teams and after tonight the 10U Girls will have two teams. Next on the list is the sponsorships for the teams. I will post the teams and the coaches in the upcoming week.


Co-Ed 10U Team A - Coaches: Sherron Eldridge

Co-Ed 10U Team B - Coaches: Arturo Jones & George Jones

Co-Ed 10U Team C - Coaches: Jason Edwards & Travis Toney

Girls 10U Team A - Coaches: TiMara Haskins & Nora Lane


Co-Ed 12U Team A - Coach: Jonathan Turpin & Antonio Chambers

Co-Ed 12U Team B - Coach: Jonathan Turpin

Girls 12U Team - Coach: Xavier Jones


Co-Ed 15U Team A - Coaches: Durwin Westbrook

Co-Ed 15U Team B - Coaches: Thoman Eldridge

Co-Ed 15U Girls - Coach: Joe Marsh





from Coach Marsh



"Practice Schedule" Added

I know sometimes there is some confusion with setting up and planning with our Basketball Program. So I added a Practice Schedule to the Main Menu so you can see when and where your team practices. We utilize the public school's facilities for our BCYL Basketball program. So we are at the mercy of the School's Girls and Boys Middle School, Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball teams. It is hard to schedule set days for our basketball teams because our coaches are volunteer and they have to work around their busy schedules. Plus, the High and Middle schools have games spread throughout the weeks. So we have to get the gyms when it is available. I will post when your team will be practicing when I get it cleared with the coach.


Buckingham County Youth League


Winter Cheerleading

Just wanted to let everyone know that is interested in our Winter Cheer what to expect from our Winter Program or what we have for our program as of right now. Our "Fall" Cheer that goes on during our Football Games has been very successful and productive with our young girls in the county. Other counties (Cumberland and Amelia) have been experimenting with cheering during our BCYL Basketball season and been having a lot of fun. We figured it this could be something else our young ladies that is interested in Cheerleading, can come out and get the exposure at a level below our High School's JV and Varsity Cheerleading. And so we want our Buckingham girls to be able to have the same enjoyment as our neighboring counties.

Sign ups will be going on and when I get with the coach of our Winter Cheer program we will put out more information.



You can now do Buckingham County Youth League 2017-18 Basketball Sign Ups with Sports Illustrated Play online.


Click on the SI Play Logo above to be directed to the Buckingham County Youth League SI Play Website. You have to Register to pay online. Basketball and Cheer will be under the Fall Sports tab. 

The Buckingham County Youth League Sports Illustrated Play can be used for Basketball Registration and Signing Up for the 2017-18 Basketball and Winter Cheer program.