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  • Best in the city

Fucking up the Bears!!!!

Today we beat the Bears 63-28 and we went beast mode. Yes, that means we are 2-0 and we are going to be undefeated. They have notin on us and nobody can syop our offence that is fye as hell. We ainjt even really try and we still put up 63 points

thas wassup!!!

The Beavers QuarterBack Michael Brown was very close to leaving the team and joining the arch rival. But luckily for the Beavers everything was worked out before he got any madder. He and everyone else are going to play the next game just like it is a normal game.

Get Ready for a remach that is going to be a 60 minute battle. Back up the talk right here.

Bringin Pain in the Rain

Beavers win...
They Want a Remach
So they will get just that.