13's pitcher opened up the tournament with a perfect game against 20. With 3 strikeouts (2 swinging) and 6 groundouts, 13 scored 3 home runs in the first inning in 7 batters. In the first, there was a base hit, and 3 home runs, followed in the next inning by a groundout and another groundout but to 2nd. 13 says that they have a good shot to take down Team 04 down tomorrow. "We threw a perfect game to open up the bracket, and we're not trying to go back", said the 13 manager. This was the first perfect game, no-hitter, and shutout of the entire tournament. 13's future is looking good in the next few days. Some people have been saying that they are expected to lose to 05 in the quarterfinals. We can wait and see tomorrow.

Tournament opens up with 16 getting the win!

16's 5th hitter hit a walk off Home run in the 4th inning against Team 17 and will go on to play Team 01 tomorrow. When asked what 16's 5th said, he said, "I'm the best on this team and we will take down Team 01. I hit 2 home runs tonight and going to do it again tomorrow. No one compares to me. I will carry this team tomorrow". It sounds like the 16-5 has good confidence in himself. We will see who comes out on top between 01 and 16 at 2:00 PM PST tomorrow.

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